En el lecho del deseo. Laura Lee Guhrke. Published by Booket (). ISBN ISBN New soft Quantity Available: 1. Seller. En el lecho del deseo by Laura Lee Guhrke at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Planeta, S.A. – – Softcover. Language: Spanish. Brand New Book. Viola se enamoró perdidamente de John Hammond, el vizconde que pidió su mano, pero cuando tras unos meses de.

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The Marriage Bed (Guilty, #3) by Laura Lee Guhrke

Mary Balogh wrote about a gentleman whose mistress leaves him to return to her hometown and marry her old sweetheart. I lauea never told. When they get more SONS? Not as a person in love with Viola. He supports Viola and gives her a house, but they make every effort to avoid seeing one another.

He’s no dashing hero.

It’s all very suitable in his mind. Head over heels in love with you.

Viola is romantic and naive, and Hammond is arrogant and thoughtless. I really enjoyed Guhrke’s Girl Bachelor series of historical romances – set in the late Victorian period, which makes a nice change – so I’ve been keeping an eye out for some of her other books.

But love is only as strong as the people who fuel it. Vi Unlike most of the other reviews, I disliked this book because of the leading lady, Viola. On the other hand his revelation that he needed her and only her in the end was so fast and. He ran instead of facing the issues in his marriage. He gave her up to be faithful to Viola when they married.


A lot of the point of the book was him growing up and learning he has to deal when things get emotionally sticky. What sort of answer is that? He couldn’t keep it in his pants for more than one fucking month and he called her reluctance to be touched by him, upon discovering his duplicity, sexual fucking blackmail? Viola married John when she was pretty young and naive.

The Marriage Bed

Open Preview See a Problem? She’s upset and doesn’t want to be touched by that lying, deceiving gold-digger. What’s not to like? I don’t hesitate to recommend this book. He says he doesn’t know. And that was just plain wrong. La boda de le Temporada Plantadas en el altar, 1. He never wanted the marriage to become estranged. I read this book in the way of rubbernecking.

John Hammond is guilty of cheating on his wife. But she had a damn good idea about going to American and starting a new life and I think she First something positive, I loved the fact the author brought back some of my favorite characters View all 3 comments. Return to Book Page.

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It leans a little too close to a modern, feminist perspective, but while it was generally true that upper class women turned a blind eye to their husbands’ affairs not that they could have done much about it anyway, in most casesand some may even have preferred the arrangement, providing they were discreet, there are always exceptions.

Although I’m not a fan of cheating books, the adultery didn’t worry me too much in this book because Viola had deliberately and supposedly permanently cut him off anyway. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I believe that, Greer. Eight years ago, Viola, the beautiful young sister of a Duke, married the man she fell in love with at first sight, Lord Hammond.


While I would never condone adultery, I had a great deal of sympathy for John in this book. But to be frank?

The hero could love anybody. I feel it could have been a better story without the illegit baby angle. You may not be where you want to be in your life, Mer. View all 27 comments. He simply had no inner layer.

Grecia Robles’s ‘second-chance’ books on Goodreads (19 books)

I thought the heroine got too much blame for what happened and being a ‘ice queen’. Now he needs an heir. This one is hard to rate. She finds out he married her not because he loved her, even after having told her so, but because he’s a gold digger and wanted her money. I call them shallower then him. He was having sex with somebody while he told her nice things and courted her.

Necesito alguien con quien comentar este libro Yes, he hurt his wife by his indiscressions. If either of these topics are off limits to you. Either you will get on the Hero’s side and root for him and Viola, or you won’t.

It didn’t follow the usual structure of a historical romance novel, and every inch of ground won is hard fought for.