Embryogenese somatique du cocotier (Cocos nucifera L.) a partir d’explants foliares: etude histologique []. Buffard-Morel, J. Verdeil, J.L. Pannetier, C. Une étude histologique a été réalisée aux différentes étapes de l’embryogenèse somatique du cocotier (Cocos nucifera L.) à partir d’explants foliaires. Conditions d’apparition d’une embryogénèse somatique sur des cals issus de la culture de tissus foliaires du chêne vert (Quercus ilex). C. Féraud-Keller and.

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Identification of inhibitors of auxin transcriptional activation by means of embryogenfse genetics in Arabidopsis. Genetic transformation of cherry trres. Tissue and Organ Culture Plant Sci Rep Plant regeneration from different explants in Helianthus smithu heiser C.

Plant Cell Tissue Organ Culture, 3: Zygotic embrogenesis versus somatic embryogenesis.

Afrique Science: Revue Internationale des Sciences et Technologie

Cell Dev Biol 24 8: Rapid in vitro propagation of Dendrobium hybrids through direct shoot formation from foliar explants, and protocorm-like bodies. Characterisation of alfalfa Medicago sativa L plants regenerated from selected NaCL tolerant cell lines. Tssue culture reponse of cultivated and wild cotton species.


Plant Growth Regulation Artificiel seeds for plant propagation. EP EPA4 fr Organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis from callus of Winged bean Psophocarpus tetragonolobus L 1 st International symposium in-vitro culture and horticultural breeding ,Acta Horticulturae In-vitro cellular et Developmental Biology Plant Gemplasm of in-vitro somatic embryogenesis in alfalfa.

embryogenèse somatique et semence artificielle by mariem ben ayed on Prezi

Alternative morphogenetic events in cell suspensions. Frequency of somaclonal variation in plants of black spruce Picea marianaPinaceae and white spruce P.

Ploidy of embryogenic Medicago sativasubsp falcata germplasm. Somatic seeds encapsulation of asexual plant embryos. EP Kind code of ref document: Influence of nutrient saltsauxines and cytokinines on the in-vitro grouth of salvia greggie.

C – source and grouth respense of Prunus glandulosa ” sineusis” thund and Malus punila Mill. High frequency somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of an elite chinese cotton variety.

Plant cell, Tissue organe culture 4: Role of exogenous reduced nitrogen and sucrose in rapid high frequency somatic embryogenesis in Medicago sativaPlant Cell.


Abscisic acidpolyamines and phenolic acids in Sessice oak somatic somatiquw in relation to their conversion potentiel. Direct somatic embryogenesis and indirect shoot organogenesis in petiole culture. Plant regeneration from leaf cultures of guizotia.

Plant regeneration from callus cultures of sevral soybean genotypes via embryogenesis and organogenesis. Agro -trop 32 4: Organogenesis in callus tissue of Medicago sativa the temporal repartition of induction process from differentiation embryofenese.

Régénération via l’organogénèse ou l’embryogénèse somatique chez le Scorpiurus

Histology of somatic embryogenesis in pea. Reversion del geno Scorpiurus l.

Development of somatic embryos in Norway spruce. In-vitro culture and somatic embryogenesis of four Trifolium species. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture