The ELx™ is a compact, robust microplate reader ideally suited for applications within the clinical and life science research laboratory. When interfaced with. BioTek – ELxAbsorbance Microplate Reader, The ELx™ is designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology research and pharmaceutical. BioTek ELx – Operator’s BioTek – ELx by BioTek. BioTek – ELx Download PDF. Product Details · Forums · Documents; Parts; Videos.

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Connectors for Printer Parall Other forms of commercially available packing are not recommended and can void the warranty.

Provide Bio-Tek with the name and contact information of a person who may be contacted if questions arise. OD repeatability Reading speed: Calculate Mean Optical Densities for assays run in duplicate only For each standard, control and sample calculate the mean OD of the duplicate readings.

Select YES to average the replicates for each standard group, and then use the group averages when calculating the standard curve. You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities Liquid Test 1 The well that shows the most variation for each concentration is selected for data reduction.

If the original packing materials have been damaged, replacements are available from Bio-Tek. Operation Formula Type The ELx supports three types of formulas, as well as the ability to define variables for use within Transformation formulas.


Bio-tek ELx800 Operator’s Manual

Store unused filters in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Samples With Calls on Matrix Unpacking And Inspecting The Elx If an assay protocol states that for the assay to be valid: Reattaching the End Caps Page 64 – Figure Chapter 3 Operation This chapter includes amnual for operating the ELx and its software.

The Louisville reference center recommends the following positive discrimination criteria according to the recommendation of the 2 International Anticardiolipin Workshop. Page 83 A1 and A2 wells.

BioTek ELx800 – Operator’s Manual.pdf

For comparison in this test, the following accuracy specification is applied, using Normal Mode and a well microplate: ,anual Test Schedule Liquid Test 3, p. The valid entry range is from 1 to 12 replicates. Can anybody help Reply.

Since it is somewhat difficult to achieve high pipetting accuracy when conducting linear dilutions, an R-Square value greater than or equal to 0. For best measurement results, use these brands when operating the ELx via its onboard software. Make up to 1 liter with DI water, cap, and shake well. Page 3 If a plate shaker is not available, wait 20 minutes after pipetting the diluted test solution before reading the plate.


To capture and manipulate the raw data using well geometry, you must use KCjunior or KC4. Page – KC4 Page – Figure Attach the other end of the cable to the parallel port on the ELx Use the slotted screwdriver to remove the four screws from the top cover mounting Figure 3 and shipping straps from the bottom of the instrument. Your name and company information.

  ATW-2129 A PDF

This icon calls attention to important information. In this case, turn off the instrument.

CE and TUV marked. Page If the four corner wells are within the accuracy range, the reader is in alignment. Page Press Options to cycle through the assay numbers and names, or use numeric keys to enter an assay number. Assay Detail Report Mnaual Problems The plate will be read and then the raw data results will display in KC4.

BioTek – ELx Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

Editing Standard Outliers Select YES to indicate that one or more standard replicates or groups should be temporarily excluded from curve-fit calculations. Move the carrier to the home position.

Place the power supply on the shelf. Calls are assigned to sample wells as follows: Page Printer timed out The time allotted for the instrument to make a valid connection to a printer has expired. Tighten the lamp retention screws and verify elz800 the lamp has not moved.