KUMIS QUINUA. kumis quinua LACTEOSBOL. By ceyla90 | Updated: Nov. 5, , p.m.. Loading Slideshow Movie. Modo de elaboración. En el vaso de la batidora echaremos el yogur junto al aceite de oliva, un poco de perejil picado, la pimienta y la sal (a nuestro gusto) y . Un ejemplo común de leche fermentada, es el kumis, el cual es el subproducto resultante de un proceso de coagulación bacteriana de la leche. ¿Que es una.

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This indicator could be applied to the measurement of kumiw scientific production derived from the academic component and the research carried out on the farm, and likewise from the continuing education activities classes, workshops, discussions training.

English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. How to cite this article. Literature cited Ansoff, H. These three systems are elaboraciob fruit, papaya, and cucumbers.

In accordance with the new mission and vision of the farm, a series of objectives was formulated that will have a 5-year evaluation period and that will continue to be determined: In organizations like the El Cairo farm, the quality kumi the management is manifested in the formulation and establishment of proposals that contribute to the improvement of the processes and achievement of mission objectives, fulfilling harmonic articulation between the superior the branch and the productive organization the farm.

This indicator will constitute a tool for the evaluation of the regional projection of the farm, reflected in the growth rate of clients and service users and as a result of the implementation of the marketing plan.

Another system that is considered to be of vital importance to the production level is that of pastures and forage.

The benefits or values that could be derived from research and teaching should be noted; they are difficult to quantify because, currently, these processes are practically nonexistent at the branch elabboracion research projects directly related to the farm are not being developed. In accordance with the new mission and vision of the farm, a series of objectives was formulated that will have elaboracoon 5-year evaluation period and that will continue to be determined:.

Based on the information consulted on the financial level, the following aspects were noted:. The new management of the El Cairo farm must implement a elaboraccion with the ability to react quickly in decision-making in order to improve competitiveness.

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This indicator was made to analyze the training hours provided to the employees of the farm and to evaluate every six months for a minimum period of three years. Proyecto fortalecimiento de las sedes de presencia nacional, Sede Arauca.


The application of policies for the administration of human resources will allow for improved work performance and, therefore, make it necessary to constantly promote, apply, maintain, and evaluate the goals that are set. Understanding that agricultural production success is based on three aspects: Similarly, it is also defined as the process undertaken by one or more people for the coordination of labor activities of other people within an agribusiness with the goal of achieving high-quality results, which could not be done by just one person Drucker, A non-experimental methodological design was used, from which a situational analysis of the farm was generated, which was used as a basis to formulate and design a Strategic Management plan for a five-year period.

Another aspect related to human resources is the need to implement incentive programs for the cattle and agricultural production so that the employees will feel motivated within the organization and develop skills that will help increase productivity.

Create and maintain a work team that is suitable, efficient, and committed to the new organizational model of the farm.

In order to organize the information, the audio of each interview was transcribed and digitized for later analysis. It is recommended that the farm implement good agricultural management practices as well as elavoracion for the personnel responsible for the administration of the farm for a general accountability system of the university branch. Recognize that the El Cairo farm is a fundamental component of the strengthening of the teaching and research processes that are developed at the branch.

flujograma elaboración YOGURT TRABAJO

This indicator will allow for the evaluation of production growth on the farm, measuring the quantity of products that are generated in each of the productive systems, focusing on those that have been indicated as having potential eggs, milk, cachama, passion fruit and papaya.

Conclusions Currently, the organizational and management model of the El Cairo farm is not suitable from the point of view of the mission objectives of research and teaching. Using the secondary information and direct observation, an analysis of the financial situation was constructed, as well as of the internal operations and of the organization, generating a diagnosis of the current situation on the farm.

Editorial Trillas, Mexico DF.


This paper presents a design for a strategic management plan for the Experimental Agricultural and Academic Farm: Methodology and research process The object of this research was the Experimental and Academic Farm: It is necessary to clarify that the implementation of the strategic management system constitutes a new management proposal for kumid start of implementing a management system that has demonstrated effectiveness in institutional strengthening for agro-livestock companies.

In recent years, Strategic Planning has been consolidated into an administrative management tool in order to increase the chances for success when dealing with conflicts or uncertainty within organizations David, Managin in turbulen times. Until now, a silvopastural system that guarantees a permanent supply of feed year-round has not been established on the farm.


Management indicators The competitiveness of an organization is related to a management plan that is based on a situational diagnosis that allows for the formulation of corporate strategies that necessarily require a system of evaluation for measuring impact and effectiveness. The present study aimed to design a strategic management kumiss for the farm, based primarily on a situational diagnosis and secondly on strategies at the financial, organizational, marketing, production, and evaluation levels for an operational period of five years, focusing efforts on the achievement ealboracion the mission objectives proposed with its creation.

Queso costeño – Derivados de la leche

At the production level, projects that have demonstrated success must be strengthened, with their continuation as a goal. In order to achieve the mission objectives, it is necessary to create a new organizational structure that is more flexible to changes and, in which, the articulation of the farm with the branch is guaranteed: It was concluded that the current organization and management plan does not meet the mission objectives of research, teaching, and continuing education, suggesting a need for the articulation of the farm with the administrative and academic structure of the university in carrying out the strategic management plan derived from the current research.

At the livestock production level, better results have been obtained in regards to sale volumes in the production systems elaboraclon eggs, cachama, and raw milk. This indicator constitutes an important aspect because one of the strengthening strategies that it established was the goal of consolidating a human resources plan, with a sense of ownership and constant elabracion. Recognizing the difficulties of the papaya cultivation system, the production strategy establishes an increase in the sown area and the construction of drainage systems that would prevent flooding; as a complement to the production system of this crop, df existing nurseries, that are currently not used, could be taken advantage.

Another aspect identified during the research dealt with the management of the farm, which depended directly on kumiis management of the branch. Although it is not the goal of the elaboracjon to generate a profit, the system results in a negative value because the revenue is very low in comparison with the operational costs and, therefore, in a non-profitable system.