Eder Chiodetto has a Masters in Communication and Arts from the University of Sao Paulo (USP). He is an independent curator of photography and video. Eder Chiodetto. The Brazilian nation arose based on a complex blend of peoples and cultures. Due to historical circumstances, every Brazilian is a multifaceted. 6 results for Books: “Eder Chiodetto”. Product Details German Lorca (Em Portugues do Brasil). Jan 1, by Eder Chiodetto (Org.).

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And finally at age 17 I got my first camera, a Nikon N I also get into it emotionally and spiritually. And it is like this until today.

They beat themselves very hard, losing a lot of blood. Email required Address never made public. I was aware of the week of Modern Art.

It is only over when their clothes are completely red with blood. This kind of penitence comes from Italy, where during the black plague; communities practiced self-flagellation to discover the cure for mankind. When he orders someone to stop, he or she obeys him blindly. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. At that time I was already a mystical person, which I still am.


During law school, photography was parallel to it. The Chiodeyto are my most extensive research subject. The leader is called Decurion and chioddtto hold a political role over these people and the community.

Eder Chiodetto

While others used to study m ath, I was studying arts. I think religiosity will go on until I die. These rituals are based on Don Sebastian from Portugal. I believe in reincarnation, I believe we are all just spending some time here, but the true place is in the afterlife. They stop 7 times during the pilgrimage at strategic points for singing and praying.

The object becomes a mirror. I sing in Yoruba and Banto the few songs I know.

Clothing may change, rituals may also change but all of them have the same purpose of appeasing human anguish.

Kardecism helps me answer questions about our existential anguish. A lot of blood came out of her back. People and communities who believe in the end of times. The Penitents have the history that has touched me the most: I used to get those painting collections from the newsstand and then, when Chiodetho turned seven to eight years old, I started painting.


I have pictures of that time, since Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Eder Chiodetto | World Press Photo

This is something I still shoot: Jesulene Ribeiro announced to everyone that I was officially a member of that community. There are some who believe he is coming back or that he is already here as a spirit.

In I took my first trip to Recife during lent, to look for groups of Penitents. The Penitent hierarchy is very powerful and respected. I have photographed my first pilgrimage in My evolution from a documentarian to an artist happened when I started being more integrated with groups.

I come from a family of Lawyers, but they have always influenced me in the arts field.