HOW TO PASS EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES UNIT I CIRCUIT ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES Syllabus: Kirchoff’s current and voltage. EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES Syllabus for Anna University Second semester B.E | (For ECE, CSE, IT and Biomedical Engg. II – VIII SEMESTERS CURRICULUM AND SYLLABI. SEMESTER II EC Engineering Mechanics. (For non-circuit branches). Circuit Theory. (For branches .

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Shantha Kumar S R J. Centre Lathe with accessories 5No.

Computer Science and Engineering 2. Drawing Instrument 20 3. Grain size distribution – Sieve analysis Grain size distribution – Hydrometer analysis Specific gravity of soil grains Relative density of sands Atterberg limits test Determination of moisture – Density relationship using standard Proctor test.

civil syllabus – CAHCET

Balancing of control surfaces e2151 Inspection maintenance. Details of Equipments Quantity Experiment Nos. The course will equip the students with the necessary communication skills that would go a long way in helping them in their profession.

This course enables the students to develop skill on evaluation of the pavements and to decide appropriate types of maintenance.

Exercises combining sentences using cause and effect expressions — Gap filling exercises using the appropriate tense forms — Making sentences using different grammatical forms of the same word. Verification of mesh and nodal analysis. Flow visualization in smoke tunnel 4.

  EXTECH 45160 PDF

Centrifugal pumps, turbines, performance curves for pumps and turbines. Sea erosion and coastal protection. Structural design manual, Precast concrete connection details, Society for the studies in the use of precast concrete, Netherland Betor Verlag, Dial Gauges 12 5, 6 Beam Test set up with various end 7.

Centrifugal pump 1 6 7. Name of the Equipment Quantity No. Taper turning using compound rest. Length Scales involved and effect on properties: Marketing engineer convincing a syllavus to buy his product. Any one of the theorem will be asked in 2 mark conform.

Immovable Property and iii. Characteristics of CE configuration 8. Objects — types — classification — principles — measurements of distances — angles — leveling — determination of areas — illustrative examples.

Group Discussions etc 2. Requirement for a batch of 60 students Quantity Sl. Equipments Qty Experiments No. The structures involved the elementary hydraulic design of different structures and the concepts of maintenance shall also form part.

Ratio of tensions — Effect of centrifugal and initial tension — Condition for maximum power transmission — Open and crossed belt drive.

Field observation for and Calculation of azimuth 8. The students further learn the desirable properties of highway materials and various practices adopted for construction.

An Introduction to GIS. No Details of Equipments Req. To enable students write letters and reports effectively in formal and business situations. Verification of mesh and nodal analysis.

Exercises – Using sequence words. Reading comprehension exercise with questions based on inference — Reading headings 4. Many students, particularly those from non-English medium schools, find that they are not preferred due to their inadequacy of communication skills and soft skills, despite possessing sound knowledge in their subject area along with technical capability.


The student should learn the use of deflectometer, extensometer, compressometer and strain gauges. Vapour compression refrigeration test rig 1 6 6. Click syllabs to sign up. The subject syllwbus be mastered best by solving numerous syl,abus. Hydraulic Jacks Screw Jack 5 1,2,4,8 3. Win server 1 No. Foreign Object Damage — Blade damage — etc. Speaking – Role play — group discussions — Activities giving oral instructions. I and II, Enviro Media.

CSE Total Syllabus Regulations | Anna University Site for CSE Students

Keeping in view their pre-employment needs and career requirements, this course on Communication Skills Laboratory will prepare sylllabus to adapt themselves with ease to the industry environment, thus rendering them as prospective assets to industries. D and Kohli, R.

The Career Lab 2 Periods may be handled by any competent teacher, not necessarily from English Department 3.