New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks is back with Eat Prey Love— another sensational installment in her witty and wonderful. Read “Eat Prey Love” by Kerrelyn Sparks online on Bookmate – New York Times bestselling author Kerrelyn Sparks is back with Eat Prey Love—another sensational installment in her witty and wonderful Lov Eat Pray Love. 2. Unfollow. Wanted: Bride. Must love children. Mortals need not apply. Carlos Panterra is looking for a mate, a woman who will love and care for the young orphans he’s.

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After reading the first page of Eat Prey Love, that feeling completely flew out the door. Letters may be sent to P. This was my first book in the series, and I really enjoyed it. This book would be really fun to see on screen. I zoomed through this book. Just when I thought the danger was over it wasn’t. wat

Carlos Panterra can shapeshift into a jaguar, and possibly one of the last of his kind thanks to a merciless slaughter of two were-jaguar villages. From the first time we met her, I knew she was my kind of girl, and Carlos didnt really have a chance, did he now?

The storyline takes on many mysterious twists and turns all while cultivating a budding romance between Caitlyn and Carlos. That’s right, the keerrelyn, olive-skinned, gorgeous gay man introduced in Ian and Toni’s book, All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire has officially come out of the closet.

Ada adegan lucu saat Carlos dipergoki Caitlyn sedang mengampelas tangga kayu yang menjadi korban cakaran cemburu Carlos, tetapi Carlos berpura-pura tidak ada yang terjadi.

Of course, on their travels, they go through things together that bring them closer together. She gave Carlos a run for his money and I loved that. I actually liked the heroine. It was truly entertaining. There was so much action in this book I totally loved it. Up next in the Love at Stakes series is Vampire Mine, featuring one of my favorite vampires, Connor Buchannan, scheduled to release March 29, If you’re looking for a book with paranormal humor then this one is for you ; ME-OW!


Sep 18, April rated it it was amazing. The security firm owned by the vampire Emma offers Caitlyn at job. This is book 9 of the series. Carlos akhirnya tidak bisa mengelak dari perasaannya terhadap Caitlyn setelah mereka berjuang bersama di pedalaman Thailand. Its lust at first sight.

Eat Prey Love (Love at Stake Series #9)

Carlos and Caitlyn were so evenly matched, not so much in strength but just as people, they balanced and completed the other in ways that Kerrelyb have rarely seen in the paranormal romance genre, heck the romance genre period.

Caitlyn yang sudah lama tidak berjumpa dengan kakaknya, Shanna, melepas kangen di acara ulangtahun keponakannya, Constantine. When they make it to the vampire temple, honoring their God, the cavalry arrives and although the king vampire and other get away, spewing threats of revenge, everyone survives. I don’t LOVE were-animal books. Now, Carlos takes Caitlyn back home, where they get married in the eparks of the law and make the most of their time before the full moon.

Too bad the one woman who smells perfect also smells human. There was some action, which is always nice. Eatt that will help dear old dad come around. But her best quality, in my opinion, is her determination to win the heart of a Panther.

Just when I thought the danger was ove I zoomed through this book. Shanna’s husband ALSO works for and organization that kills bad vampires but this one is run by the paranormal. I loved how hard he tried to resist Caitlyn’s advances and how long he lasted before he caved. Caitlyn, just like her father and sister, has high psychic powers; expect hers is a little different.


Immediately after her arrival, Caitlyn catches a glimpse of her nephew flying, and all too quickly she’s thrown into the paranonormal world surrounding her.

It was destined to be. As for the story, it was interesting but pretty cliche.

Mass Market Monday: Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn Sparks – WildlyRead

He loved her and was trying to pretect her Karena ini buku ke-9 dalam seri dan melompat super jauh dari seri yang terakhir di terbitkan. You know it will end 4.

Eat Prey Love es el noveno libro de la serie Love At Stake de Kerrelyn Sparks y narra la historia de Carlos un cambiaformas y Caitlyn, la hermana de Shana protagonista del primer libro. Shanna has 2 kids now and when I read the last book, she was still only pregnant with her first kid. Quotes from Eat Prey Love. Carlos sudah tahu sejak menatap Caitlyn, wanita ini akan menjadi bencana bagi perasaannya.

He steadied her, holding her against him. After saving a handful of children and taking them under his care, Carlos must find a mate to be mother to these children and to help carry on the were-panther line before it completely becomes spzrks.

Mass Market Monday: Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn Sparks

Read it, enjoy is it a saucer of cream. Caitlyn can learn any language in minutes, include the language of animals. It was only a paper pecker.