LogicsManagerTM. A large number of inputs, internal states, CAN values, or constant values can be combined logically to operate a relay contact or an internal. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen- – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation this manual. German. easYgen Series. easYgen – Installation. GR easYgen – Configuration. GR easYgen – Operation.

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Versions The parameters in this section are informational only and cannot be modified. The voltage is measured three-phase. Power supply Figure Page Page Page – Analog Inputs: Liquid Crystal Display lc Display Manual easYgen – Genset Control NOTE For the selection of the operating mode via the if two different operating modes have LogicsManager been selected simultaneously the control unit will prioritize the modes as follows: Current measuring -generator, L1 L2 L3 … 35 Figure Logical Symbols Manual easYgen – Genset Control Configuration of the chain of commands Using the values specified in the above table, the chain of commands of the for example: Daily Time Set Point Utilizing the it is possible to establish specific times of the day that functions i.

Page 27 Page 28 – Application: GCB is open To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The data stand for: Be careful not to over tighten the clamps which can unsnap the frame from the housing.


Woodward easYgen-1000 Configuration

Voltage measuring FlexRange – mains, ph w Figure Page 80 Page 81 – Protection: By utilizing the it is possible to use the monitored values of various parameters to LogicsManager, evaluate the condition of the mains and power easygrn monitored as command variable.

A breaker reclose alarm and a breaker open alarm.

Manual easYgen – Genset Control Discrete input: Safety instructions More information. Critical mode request LogicsManager Critical mode Sprinklerbetrieb and its default settings are explained on page in LogicsManager Dosing System for Professional Laundry machines.

Woodward | Generatorsteuerungen | nicht-parallele Anwendungen | Baureihe easYgen

Engine, Dead Bus Operation The dead bus operation monitoring issues an alarm if ignition speed is exceeded and the limits for closing the GCB Parameters 70 and 71 are not exceeded within the configured delay. Name Function Note Page 98 – Protection: User Manual Contents Document information Monitoring is performed at two levels. Manual easYgen – Genset Control Mains failure detection: Page 85 Page 86 – Protection: 10000 – principle overview Flexible breaker configuration and start-stop logic Real and reactive power sensing Remote-start capability.

Following the expiration easygdn the firing delay time and if the engine is rotating with at least the configured “minimum start speed”, the ignition is switched on easygenn For these services, you can contact us by telephone, by e-mail, or through the Woodward website.


According to IEC three different characteristics are available. Maintenance Call A maintenance call will be issued if the configured number of operating hours has expired or the configured number of days has expired since the last maintenance.

Alarm Acknowledgement Self acknowledgment of the centralized alarm horn 0 to 0100, s Time until horn reset Zeit Hupenreset Alarm class A – Alarm class A messages are acknowledged using the ” ” button When replacing a PCB, keep the new PCB in the plastic antistatic protective bag it comes in easyen you are ready to install it.

If a loss of the supply voltage occurs, the relay contacts will not transfer and a fault condition will not be monitored. The tripping time depends on the measured current.

By energizing the relay output the message “Aux. Voltage measuring FlexRange – mains, 1ph w Figure