Notice: We will revise this manual’s content according to the improvement of 8. Machining STEP increments (Only when for 2 axes DRO is used or Copyrights© by Easson Measurement Technology Ltd., Feb / , All rights Reserved. THe EASSON COMPANY is a manufacturer of glass scale Digital Readout systems. EASSON’s mission is to be the premier manufacturer of. any one have a manual for an easson es-8 dro. i have purchased a grizzly mill G with an easson es-8 dro and have no manual for it.

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A custom 3 axes counting ASIC designed with CMOS technology greatly reduces the number of component counts, which lowers the system power consumption and yields greater reliability. State of the Art Electronics Technology.

tommi :: Easson es-8 lathe user manual

Setup Sheet For Manual Lathe?? Higbee cut on manual lathe overflow Documents. Easson 2 axis DRO,covered leadscrew. Please refer to the chart below for more details: Our lastest in-house design 16 bit 3 axes counting ASIC that fabricated with 0. Most orders ship the same day, the next at the latest.

We feel that, in the long run, treating customers right will yield much more than simply “going for the sale”. Intuitiveness or “Ease of Use”. Have an issue or need some help?

Big Size SP Series. To avoid overheating of the PCB caused by the totally sealed enclosure, a metal front plate and panel is utilized to quickly dissipate generated heat.


High quality EASSON ES-8A 3axis digital readout DRO for mill lathe EDM machine

All components are soldered by computerized control soldering machines to achieve the highest quality soldering possible. Lathe Install Part 2. Linear Hole Tool Positioning Provides a linear hole positioning function for drilling holes a fixed distance apart, at any angle. Not only are magnetic scales unaffected by debris or contamination, they’re also protected against submersion in coolant or liquids.

Click the picture above for an even larger image. My X axis travel is: Therefore, despite the serious market competition which keep driving the price of digital readout system lower and lower. Svend Jakobsen surface grinder Denmark 8 x 18 table. Most likely the second most important, and perhaps most overlooked factor when buying a digital readout.

Finally, eason have a massive inventory of parts, so rest easy – a eassob part is only a phone call away! Ultra Low Temperature Rise Transformer. In today’s economy, the market has changed drastically.

We enjoy selling quality products at competitive prices. That’s right, buy from the “other guys”, break a scale, and you get eaasson replace the entire digital readout kit! Resolution is industry standard 5 microns. We look forward to earning your business! Our philosophy is to try and save you money and get the best value kit tailored to the machinery you have. Imagine trying to reach a technician when you’ve bought a digital readout from an overseas reseller!

The lathe on the other hand. We do not ‘drop’ ship, we have our own massive warehouse of inventory right here on site. Linear Error Compensation – Common to all of Easson’s displays, provides improved display accuracy.


One location, one cost, and the savings get passed on to you! The innovative virbration filtering function can filter the display toggles to obtain a more comfortable readings, and hence reduces human mistake.

Switch manuap expectancy is rated at a minimum ofcycles. Magnetic scales are designed to operate in the harshest and most extreme environments. We pledge to never “over sell” you on a product that won’t work well for you. The inside of this scale should be a mirror shiny finish, as shown above. Published on Mar View Download Allows the operator to specify any desired point as the “0” reference point. Coupled with our extensive customer service and affordable parts, our Digital Readout products are simply the best value on the planet.

Reducing heat generation is critical to longevity.

Easson ES-8A 2axis mill digital readout lathe dro W GS10 linear scale complete dro kits

Kits include everything you need – a display head, mounting arm, power cord, operators manual, standard length scales of your choice, ed-8, mounting hardware, a handy collet holder, brackets, etc.

Extreme careful PCB and es-88 layout that strictly follows all known rules to achieve highest possible noise immunity and EMC performance. Yes, we’ve seen cheaper units on eBay, but there is a reason they’re cheaper. All kits ship in original factory packaging and boxes.