Duncton Wood (The Duncton Chronicles) [William Horwood] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Duncton Wood is the title of the first novel by . Download the The Duncton Chronicles audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. Get the Audible Audio. This series of six novels was published over a thirteen years, starting with Duncton Wood in It’s a story of spiritual quest, with all the trials and triumphs of.

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But there are a lot of online courses out there now to suit all pockets, different writing abilities and experience and time available, so it’s a crowded market. Yet, in spite of my complaints, I repeat, this isn’t a bad book. Through ancient tradition there are words that surround the Stone, but like all articulations of belief they partly communicate but also partly conceal.

But if you’re the kind of person who fancies six thousand-odd pages of religion, genocide, warfare, mysticism, romance and Does that create a problem if I pledge for that reward? Fascinating, magical, absorbing, exciting and I couldn’t stop reading any of them until I got to the last page.

Next to Gone with the Wind this is my second favourite book of all time. Write a reader review Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. It caressed him with silence, soothed him with its darkness, and its labyrinths were to give him the space in which to find himself again. Open Preview See a Problem?

Except that Brachen was taught these chants and managed to survive and escaped into ancient tunnels to prepare and eventually emerge. It’s unfortunate that this novel is being compared with Watership Down, due to the fact that Watership Down, a great novel on it’s own, falls short when compared against Duncton Wo Duncton Wood is an Adventure-Love story like no other. Hello Sonya – thank you so much for being in touch again after so long.

I’ve been reading this book slowly — a few pages at a time — for the last four years.

Best wishes, Patrick Griffin, Kilkenny, Ireland. Many authors are somewhat weary to talk about characters “feeling love” or “hating” yet Horwood is able to use such emotive descriptions in a subtle and layered way which not only emphasizes the fact that as moles his characters probably do have a more primal method of expressing their emotions than humans, and also lets him explore some dark and subtle relationships from many angles.


Is there dunfton unity to aood life or are we eternally separate wandering stars? I recently purchased the other five books in the Duncton series.

Not all of it was convincing, such as the suggestion that brutality can be duncgon by a traumatic birth, and you need to set aside what you know if you are in any way familiar with the ecology of moles the general behaviour of Horwood’s characters is probably closer to that of Badgers.

My daughter who is also a lesbian enjoyed it also.

Duncton Wood by William Horwood

Hi William I am thrilled you dunncton re-publishing the Duncton Chronicles and I am certain they will be enjoyed by another generation. Moledays, moleyears, molemonths, molefeet, molemiles, molethises, molethats, whatchamamoles, and whoozitmoles. This book is the first of nine, although I believe only the first trilogy is available in the US. It’s not for young kids, as there is some violence and the themes would probably go over their heads anyway.

For example, he frequently switches in a future omniscient voice to emphasize the importance of some even he is about to describe or just has described. And will the wonderful dust cover Artwork that featured in the first printing be included in it?

Please try again later. The inhabitants of the now-flourishing Duncton system look duncon the events of the past with reverence.

Where do I start, I read this book mid 80’s and found I couldn’t put it down. Medlar is an eastern martial arts master. I’ve taught for 30 years and regularly give my students either Skallagrigg or Callanish.

Many of the animals speak, etc, and the novel, while not as pastoral and idyllic as Duncton, is a quiet classic all on its own. When I first read your Duncton books they remained permanently in my memory and heart which is something that can’t be said of many books.

Duncton Wood

By destroying all semblance of the religion means that everybody or everymole as it is written forgets the tenants of the religion, which means that in the end Mandrake is the one that they all look up to — he is the biggest and the strongest. More powerful than it has any right to be. The religion the moles practice hints to me of pagan celtic nature worship, they revere the standing stones, still standing, left by that civilization in the British isle millennia ago.


It is a book which really ducnton on me and my own writing. Meanwhile, thanks for pledging and being in touch. Mar 24, Caroline rated it really liked it.

Duncton Wood –

Flipped to here and there and soon enough was swept away by the quality of the writing and the novelty of this being about moles, red in tooth and claw. As a lesbian Dunchon really enjoyed the book it made me look at moles in a new spiritual light.

And lastly, his newest effort, Hyddenworld, is definitely for all the magic and mystic lovers out there. They must face the problems of mole life head on, while maintaining faith in the stone. Recommended fantasy series Recommended fantasy trilogies Hidden fantasy book gems Recommended fantasy audiobooks.

In this book, it took the form attaching the dduncton “mole” to everything. The trilogy dwarfs The Lord of the Rings in size so it requires some dedication but it more than worth that effort. My friends, family and publishers were doubtful, saying: Some people, I am sure, found this quite endearing. Actually, one of the wiod flaws that I did find in this book was not so much that it was too long but rather that it contained two distinct stories and thus it could have worked much better, and been much more interesting, if Horwood has divided it into two books.

Hi Rebecca – I’m delighted to hear from you and thank you for the question. They are up there with the classics. Franky from Folkestone I started reading these books two years ago, when I was