Poly Evolver. Operation Manual. Version February, Dave Smith Instruments. Cabrillo Hwy N. Half Moon Bay, CA , USA. Dave Smith, creator of the Prophet 5 and Wavestation, moved into software aware of the Evolver whilst net surfing, and, after downloading the manual. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the Evolver from Dave Smith Instruments.

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Note that internal functions do not sync up when this mode is used, and the Clock Divide and BPM knob are ignored. Page 3 Evolver Operation Manual Version 3.


Frequently Asked Questions The Evolver is a very flexible instrument. Page 31 Last note hit priority, re-trigger envelopes LastRetrg As mentioned above, the four groups are basically ignored when playing the Evolver stand-alone.

You can easily switch the matrix back and forth between normal Program edit mode and sequence mode by hitting the S sequence destinations set, you can simply start a sequence hit the S Don’t show me this message manul.

Miscellaneous Timing Parameters Note — this is an important parameter!

Summary You should be mamual and running now; for more operation information, read on. There is a clip LED to the right of the control to indicate clipping on the input signal. Since each Evolver mod source has a single destination, the four general purpose Mods provide a way to send a mod source such as a sequence or LFO to additional destinations, with a different amount. Page 16 Poly Chain: Bank 1 and 2: Page 20 While the sequencer is running, if you hold the S button, the sequence will continue running until finished according to the length of Sequence 1and will stop after playing step 1.


In addition, holding the S gives access to an additional 64 parameters.

In Evolver if the requested time is too long, it divides the time in half until it fits within the one second of available fsi. If you want to bypass the filtering, use one of the four General Purpose Modulation sets, which are unfiltered. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The dumps include Program and Bank numbers, so when received the programs will be stored in the same To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Following are descriptions of each Evolver Manusl parameter.

It assumes you already know what an oscillator is, how a lowpass filter affects the sound, what an ADSR envelope looks like, etc. Waveshape Data 0vvv vvvv Waveshape number, 0 —corresponds to Waveshapes 1 — Only Waveshapes 96 — can be sent to Evolver and saved as user programmable; others will be ignored. Dssi operation is simple: At some point you should read through the manual to discover all the little features that you might not notice at first.

Dave Smith Instruments MONO EVOLVER KEYBOARD User Manual

Page 19 To program the sequencer, hit the S indicating that the program matrix is now active for editing the sequences. The analog and digital oscillators in Evolver are very accurate, and will not drift. Sequences do dvolver have to be the same length, however, which makes for some very interesting, less repetitive patterns, particularly when sequences are set to odd and even numbers of steps.

These programs are all sequencer-based; they will not play from the keyboard; Suggested Destinations You can really have some fun with other destinations. dsl

Page 48 Waveshape Data 0vvv vvvv Waveshape number, 0 —corresponds to Waveshapes 1 — All are unbalanced stereo pairs two mono jacks. Only Waveshapes 96 — can be sent to Evolver and saved as user programmable; others will be ignored. Note — this is an important parameter!


Page 15 Here are all the possible settings, with the effect on the overall tempo: Key Sync on each LFO can be set independently. Page 19 Page Program Parameter Data 0 – 3 0 – 16 Note: Hold the M blinking. All Main parameters are saved when power is removed. Bank 1 Programs 1 — You will also need to load the same programs into both instruments.

If set to o00 to o99, the filter is placed after the analog lowpass filter and VCA, before the Delay. Display Waveshape Sawtooth Triangle Sawtooth — triangle mix Pulse Wave, with pulse width ranging to minimum 0 to p 0 to p99 maximum Page 50 Waveshape Data 0vvv vvvv Waveshape number, 0 —corresponds to Waveshapes 1 — Page 10 Programs 80 – are more sounds meant to played from a keyboard, and have no sequences programmed. Highpass Filter Highpass Filter Highpass: It is really a single sequencer with four controls per step, though the convention in Evolver is to call the four rows sequence 1 through 4.

Low Frequency Oscillators lfo Amount: Program Parameters Following are descriptions of each Evolver Program parameter. It also sends a Program Name Dump message also on page 43 after the Program dump. It can also be used in combination, with the keyboard gating the sequencer, for example.