Powered speaker optimizer • Read online or download PDF • dbx DriveRack PX Manual User Manual. View and Download Dbx PX user manual online. Powered Speaker Optimizer. PX Accessories pdf manual download. Also for: Driverack px. Get dbx DriveRack PX Manual Instruction Manual. Get all dbx manuals!.

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The Compressor is a full bandwidth Stereo Compressor located prior to the high-pass and bandpass filters. None conforms to the following Product Specifications: Section 5 – Detailed Parameters instead of taking out large sections of your sound.

Note that you may be prompted to readjust the your speaker knob settings. Theseapplications can be used verbatim, or as sample reference guide templates for designingnumerous audio applications. The following message will appear: Don’t show me this message again. Press and hold the button to begin. This allows the user to drive the speaker in its optimum frequency range and send each output separately for more efficient use of amplifier power.

Section A Appendix A. Pressing the Data Wheel will select the parameter to be edited.

driveracm If Clear All is selected, then if invoked all of the filters are reset. Table of Contents Section 1- Introduction It is generally not a good idea to use this featurewithout a subwoofer. This manual also for: Navigating the Store Section3. Product name may be suffixed by the eU. The Data Wheel is also used to perform editing functions to signal processing and utility menu features.


There are three wizards: Tell us what’s missing. Connect the outputs of the sub speaker to the satellite speakers. When storing changes to a Factory preset, you must replace an existing User preset. Your manual failed to upload The Hard Reset Procedure will reset all preset information back to the factory defaults.

The display will look like this: Max Input Line level: Press the Select knob again to place thearrow next to the speaker name to scroll by speaker name. Likewise, ifthe number of Fixed filters goes up and thus the number of live filters goes downthen thelast live filter set will be reset.

Press the Data wheel to load the preset. Regardless, the display will appear something like this: Table of ContentsSection 1- Introduction Accessories dbx Instruction Manual 25 pages. Type IV dynamic range: Live and Fixed filter types differ in that FIXED mode filters are automatically assigned to a frequency creating feedback, thus remaining at that frequency until driveraack by the user.

Use the Wizard to set up a specific preset. These toolscan make your system more efficient and better sounding, but to get the best possible soundit is important to use these tools properly. For light compressionchoose a lower ratio, while a heavy compression requires a higher ratio. Don’t have an account?

It is recommended that you use theincluded dbx M2 RTA microphone, placed drvierack close to the middle of where youraudience will be.

dbx DriveRack PX Manual User Manual

Navigate through the Pages of the Compressor module by pressing the “Next Page” Thedisplay provides you with a clear and concise overview of each aspect of the signal path fromthe input to the output section. If driverzck powered speakers are not available in the Wizard, you should choose the Custom setting. In the past, graphic equalizers were used to eliminate feedback from a system.


IeC 7th ed.

dbx DriveRack PX Manual : Instruction Manual

Section 1- Introduction 0. Be prepared to accurately describe the problem. The following are just some of the features of the DriveRack PX. For moreinformation regarding feedback elimination, please see the AFS parameters of the Detailedparameters section. The Auto-EQ can be used to adjust your system to compensate for room effects, and to adjust the response of the entire system to your liking.

StMainsSSub Stereo powered full-range speakers with stereo powered subwoofers. The page will appear something like this: These allow for quick and accurate venue setups. Page 16 Utility menu.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

You can also select either mode as thedefault in the Utility menu. Likewise, if the number of Fixed filters goes up and thus the number of live filters goes downthen the last live filter set will be reset.

Notethat you can scroll xriverack category by pressing the Select knob and placing the arrow next tothe category heading above the speaker name.

This will range from values