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I sure am thankful that God is patient and gracious, and works with us. If we speak words of doubt, then there is doubt and unbelief inside us. The source of our words is our thoughts and what’s in our heart.

An individual becomes in life what they hormannn think and say. Fourth, whenever her husband would show her affection, even non-sexual, she would jump out of her skin.

Ohrmann the years I received at least fifteen prophecies, maybe more. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. If he can lead us into deception, then he has a certain amount of control over us.

Our flesh carnal nature wars with our spirit. Paul said in Romans 8: Anyways, for several years I couldn’t seem to get past some verbal abuse statements said to me in my youth which was opposite of what God kept on saying to me.

“Science is finally catching up with the bible”

When the root of the issue was revealed, then Dr. And her marriage was healed too. Whatever is going on in the inner man eventually is displayed through words and deeds. As our mind and heart expands, then we are able to expand.

I was always putting myself down and condemning myself, like being a cruel taskmaster to my own self. There is the daily battle of the flesh and spirit. It entraps us into a prison of our own limited or wrong thinking. When our mind and heart gets unclogged, then the river of the Holy Ghost is no longer dammed up.


I struggled with thoughts of hopelessness.

I seemed to give more weight to the lies spoken, then to all the words God kept on confirming to me over hormajn over again.

I first learned about Dr. I choose to believe what God says. Until their thinking changes on the matter, then they will remain stuck where they are. The soul consists of the mind, will and emotions.

The woman recalled that indeed she had been molested by an uncle. It doesn’t mean a person necessarily forgets what happened, but that the emotional and hlrmann responses that are triggered from memories are no longer there.

Aiko Hormann talks about the airwave activity of thoughts, depending on positive thoughts or negative thoughts. The Apostle Paul, in Phil 4: Jesus said that the words we speak proceed from the deepest recesses of our heart.

And as was said earlier, we are in life what we think and say. Hormann gave the names of these parts of the brain there is more than one area of the brain that stores memories. I seemed to remain trapped in a prison of these lies, and would weep often because I felt the situation was impossible. So I don’t really know for sure how many prophetic words were spoken, but it was many. When a trigger mechanism goes off like someone doing something to push your buttonsthen that old computer file in the hor,ann comes up and you experience the emotions you originally experienced when the event originally took place.

Thoughts, plus the condition of our hearts, always precedes our actions or words.

Your Faith Has Made You Whole: The Power of Thoughts / Dr. Aiko Hormann

Aiko Hormann’s medical research and healing and deliverance ministry, her website is: For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks Matthew And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of dr.alko.


The words we speak are an outer manifestation of what is inside the heart.

She talks about the power of thoughts literal power, yet unseen power. Hormajn years I struggled with negative and foreboding thoughts because of the many years of verbal abuse. When the devil gets us to believe a lie, then the lie becomes a stronghold in the mind.

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And the woman had to release any unforgiveness in order to unclog her soul. The lie carries more weight than what God says. Hormann says that sin, old memories, past hurts, negative emotions, etc clog the flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives, and blessings are delayed.

If a person continually dwells on negative thoughts, then they will continue to battle negative emotions.

If we speak words of love and kindness, hotmann love reigns in our heart. The Lord completely healed this woman, and she was set free from all four symptoms.

Aiko Hormann is a Christian research scientist filled with the Holy Spirit who specializes in the functions of the brain. The Lord would confirm to me over and over again things He planned to do in my life. The tape would play over and over again in my mind.

Jesus said that what proceeds from our mouths is what defiles us. A person can rise no higher than how they think of themselves or perceive something to be. If we speak words of hate, then there is hate inside of our heart.