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Services Trade and Firm Productivity: It presents a detailed case study of illegal trade networks in Southern Tunisia. We study empirically the dostoor of fiscal policy to changes in the permanent and transitory components of GDP in a panel of countries. Was the approach expansionary or contractionary?

So this study would have to cope with the absence of sufficient data to apply complex measures of fiscal disparities in Sudan. Asymmetric Growth Impact of Fiscal Policy: This paper presents new evidence that the demographic transition has not just stalled, but in fact reversed in Egypt. In this paper, we ask whether private pension savings crowd-out non-pension savings of the households in Turkey. In the present study, I estimate a hazard duration model for the duration to marriage and I compare between ever-migrants and never-migrants to see if migration has helped shortening this duration of transiting from non-marriage to marriage.

Aysan, Mustafa Disli and Huseyin Ozturk We examine the degree of sensitivity to interest rate changes among creditors and depositors in Islamic and conventional banks.

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Was the response adequate or excessive? Macroprudential and monetary policies have been used to curb the growth of credit that arose with the surge in capital inflows to these countries.

Credit growth has been an important indicator of financial stability for emerging economies in recent years. In order to answer this question, we evaluate the effect of a policy change which created an exogenous variation in the early tracking status of the students. Firm and Regional Factors of Productivity: In addition, the speakers could address questions such as: Education as a tool to curb Jordan’s deadly domestic accidents.


The relationship between resource wealth and government transparency, however, remains both highly salient and poorly-understood. Is Tunisian Trade Policy Pro-poor?

Hiya li brat Cheb Must Feat Hamada AKA-

Disclosure and transparency are crucial elements in the improvement of overall corporate governance. Panel unit root tests, cointegration technique allowing cross-section dependence among the panel and causality tests are used to investigate this relationship. We estimate bank lending channel proposed by Bernanke and Blinder We find evidence that government spending tends to be counter-cyclical conditional on temporary shocks and pro-cyclical conditional on permanent shocks.

Upcoming Events No current events. We rely on instrumental variable approach but also employ Difference-in-Differences, as well as Difference-in-Difference matching techniques to control for the endogeneity and selection into migration.

The key questions in this plenary are: Media Contact Rana Mohamed. Al Madina News Agency. Modelling Conditional Volatility and Downside Risk for Istanbul Stock Exchange, Amira Akl Ahmed and Doaa Akl Ahmed We investigated the impact of alternative variance equation specifications and different densities on the forecasting of one-day-ahead value-at-risk for the Istanbul stock market.

EU Delegation to Egypt. We consider banks from MENA countries which experienced both types of crises during our sample period. Natural resource wealth has been linked to a wide range of adverse economic and political outcomes1. Ministry of Security Bosnia and Dosror. This paper investigates the effect of local informal competition on productivity of formal firms in Egypt.

EU Delegation to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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A large empirical literature has been developed, in the two last decades, to compare performance of Islamic and conventional banks. Did they primarily rely on fiscal policy? Commissioner Georgieva web page.

Agence Tunis Afrique Presse. Recycling Petrodollars in Through Trade, Finance and Remittances, Chahir Zaki and Hoda Selim This paper contributes to the literature on the determinants of Business Cycle Synchronization with the aim of assessing the impact of several channels trade, finance and remittances on international business cycle co-movements. Although the reasons behind this revolutionary albeit mostly unfruitful social phenomenon is maric, economic reasons such as income inequality and lack of income mobility has been mentioned.

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And is the economy part of the problem or is it part of the solution? After falling for decades, fertility rates are increasing.

First, it fills the gap in the available literature by examining not only the impact of investment climate on productivity, but also on the decision of the firm to become an exporter. This paper compares the early employment outcomes of those graduates after the 25th January revolution to that of those who graduated before A Multilevel Analysis of Tunisian Manufacturing, Mohamed Amara and Khaled Thabet In this paper, we use 20011 models to simultaneously analyze individual and contextual factors that might affect the total factor productivity of Tunisian manufacturing firms for the period Academic studies suggest that petroleum wealth is associated with reduced transparency, meaning fewer public disclosures about government policies, institutions, 201 activities.

It argues that weak political institutions, rather than natural resource wealth, are the main driver behind fiscal spending patterns in Bahrain. Mobilizing the MENA Diaspora for Economic Integration and Cooperation, Mariem Mezghenni Malouche 20111 Fanny Salsac This paper does not discuss the benefits of diaspora returnee or incentives offered to diaspora dosyor to return to their home country to invest, create jobs or work in the government. It is rather about how to tap into those citizens that live abroad and can still help their country of origin in various ways beyond sending remittances.

Risk sharing vs Risk bearing and shifting, Mohamed Mekki Ben Jemaa and Zoheir Bouchaddakh A large empirical literature maorc been developed, in the two last decades, to compare performance of Islamic and conventional banks.