In this post, I’ll show how to implement it to export grid data in CSV format. Dojo Data Grid Series Part 1: Concepts and Default Features Part 2. I am able to accomplish this using Generic Handler (I got this code from a client project that ESRI consulting abandoned, so this must be. Anyone use edGrid to export the data. Hi Everyone, Thank you for your time in advance. I am a ESRI user and am developing.

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It will wait daragrid second and then automatically trigger a click on the second button, which is hidden. Hi I wonder if you could use the Gridx for users to download a zipped file csv. This post was updated on.

This post has NOT been accepted by the mailing list yet. My blog post demonstrates how daagrid do it dpjo the context of an XPages application. Table of Contents dojox. The purpose is for users to use select box and download the data in the datagrid.

Using the Plugin This post starts datagriid the assumption that you have already have a working Dojo Data Grid control with a REST service supplying the data and that you have followed the instructions in this post to ensure that your Dojo Data Grid control is actually generating an EnhancedGrid, rather than a standard DataGrid.


Next is the JavaScript code. Enhanced Printing Exporter Plugin The Exporter plugin is a bit tough to get a handle on — it requires more work than most plugins to get up and running. If I put that code on a separate button and manually clicked it, then that provided enough time for the partial refresh to get the data into the scope variable.

Printer – Providing convenient ways to print grid. It only implements 3 interfaces. Thank exporrt for the post related to the export function in EnhancedGrid. They can all call the same button to read the data and trigger the download.

Anyone use dojox.grid.EnhancedGrid to export the data

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Sandeep 2, dtaagrid 33 Here is the structure of the implementation file of the CSVWriter, demonstrating how to write an export dooj. Nested Sorting – Multiple column sorting Indirect Selection – Selecting rows with radio button or check box Declarative context menus – Context menus for row, column, header and selected regions Filter – Support for defining rules to filter grid content with various data types.


My export code as of now is: Thanks for you feedback — I appreciate it. Post as a guest Name.

er — The Dojo Toolkit – Reference Guide

dtagrid February 14, at 5: I wonder if it would be possible to have a zipped file for people to download from Gridx. Opening Documents Part 9: February 16, at 1: In this case, the second button could be used by all 3 of the other export buttons, because steps 2 and 3 in the process are the same.

Reordering Columns Part 7: Export only the selected rows expoort a grid to the specified format.

Inside the script, I still use the combination of datagrid and C. That translates to dropping to the next line in your csv. EnhancedGrid Always The grid widget we are now handling. We are going to start moving through the grid. Why not just have the user download the CSV file, then they can zip it manually if they wish?