Buy DIN EN ISO PAINTS AND VARNISHES – DETERMINATION OF RESISTANCE TO NEUTRAL SALT SPRAY (FOG) from SAI. DIN EN ISO Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray (fog) (ISO ); German version EN ISO Draft standard [WITHDRAWN] DIN ISO – Draft. Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to neutral salt spray (fog) (ISO.

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BS F19 and ISO are alternative names for the same method which is intended to measure the resistance of coatings to a defined cycle of UV radiation and salt spray. The size and shape of the cabinet shall be such that the collection rate of solution in the cabinet is within the limits specified in Table?

Equivalence between ASTM B vs. ISO NSS

The average rate of collection of solution in each device shall be measured over a minimum period of 24? Unless otherwise specified, the cut edges shall be adequately protected by coating them with a suitable material, stable under the conditions of dij test, such as paint, wax or adhesive tape.

After each stripping, thoroughly clean the reference specimens at ambient temperature with water, then with ethanol, followed by drying.

The information required should preferably be agreed between the interested parties and may be derived, in part or totally, from an international or national standard or other document related to the system under test. Is it possible to reduce test duration by some accelerated Testing?

Assessment of degree of rusting DIN EN ISOPaints and varnishes — Evaluation of degradation of coatings — Designation of quantity and size of defects, and of intensity of uniform changes in appearance — Part 4: Dear Brian and Davey, Thank you very much for your answers. In addition, for quality control purposes, comparison can be made between specimens coated with the same coating. The level of the salt solution in the salt reservoir shall be maintained automatically to ensure uniform spray delivery throughout the test.


The level of the water shall be maintained automatically to ensure adequate humidification.

However, in this circumstance, the equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned, and then checked by the method described in Clause 5; particularly ensuring that the pH of the collected solution is correct throughout the entire spraying period.

These tests are designed 725 evaluate how well the surface coatings protect substrates from corrosion. The support for the reference specimens shall be made of, or coated with, inert materials such as plastics.

After each immersion step, thoroughly clean the reference specimen at ambient temperature by rinsing with water and by light brushing, then by rinsing with acetone or ethanol, followed by drying. However, in such circumstances, the equipment shall be thoroughly cleaned and checked using the method described in Clause? Merck generates record sales and continues to grow profitability in 16th March Read more.


Regards, Ted Mooney, P. Method of application of the test coating system to the substrate see C. To apply the scratch, use a scratch instrument with a hard tip. Options include the following: After cleaning, rinse the reference specimens with fresh solvent, then dry them.

Resistance to Sulphur Dioxide: The test duration shall be 48? Aircraft Coatings Market Overview – aircraft coatings and the latest technological trends https: Unless otherwise specified, the back and edges of the panel shall be coated with the coating system under test.

Also, the performance of different materials, during the test should not be taken as a direct guide to the corrosion resistance of these materials in service. The test duration is 24?

ISO Salt spray test

Something totally different like zinc-alloy plating, organic coatings, etc. The standard recommends running samples in triplicate.


It has also been found suitable for testing anodic coatings on aluminum. The appropriate temperature depends on the pressure used and on the type of atomizer nozzle and shall be adjusted so that the rate of collection of spray in the cabinet and the concentration of the collected spray are kept within the specified limits see?

Is there any equivalence between this two standards? We require 3 coated panels x mm. Test specimens of types different from the reference specimens shall enn be placed in the test cabinet during the verification procedure. These tests give an indication of how well a painted surface will resist salt water spray. The scratch shall have either parallel sides or an upwards-broadening don which shows a width of 0,2 mm to 1,0 mm of the metallic substrate, unless otherwise agreed.

The collecting devices shall be placed in the zone of the cabinet where the test specimens are dim, one close to an inlet of spray and one remote from an inlet. The test procedure shall then be cin out as soon as possible. The salt spray tests are particularly useful for detecting discontinuities, such as pores and other defects in certain metallic, organic, anodic oxide and conversion coatings.

Akzo unveils new strategy to accelerate growth and value creation 26th April Read more. We need 3 coated panels x mm. C describes how test panels with organic coatings are to be prepared for testing. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. The collecting devices shall be placed in the zone of the cabinet where the test specimens are placed, one close to an inlet of spray and one remote from an inlet.