Books by Richard Phillips Feynman, Six easy pieces, Mainly Cover of: Seis Piezas Faciles: LA Fisica Explicada Por UN Genio. Seis piezas fáciles: La física explicada por un genio Richard Feynman, premio Nobel de Física, no fue tan sólo un gran investigador, sino también un. Preview and download books by Richard P. Feynman, including The Feynman Lectures I, QED, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Vol. Seis piezas fáciles.

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Well, we cause some of the atoms well molecules in reality of the tea to get so excited and jiggly that they break away from the liquid and fly off into the piezqs. Richard Feynman was a brilliant, creative teacher.

In a few short lessons, he showed eeis what had taken months at university to understand. The introduction feeynman us an innovative approach to understanding physics. Please add cover 4 22 Oct 14, I especially recommend chapters 3 and 4 for a quick appreciation of the subject: An event physical reality is defined by both space and time because the position of an object is characterized by the time.

For example, anything happening to Sun “now” will affect earth only after 8 minutes that is how long light takes to reach us. Calculating the optimum rate generates the Lagrangian for the difference between kinetic and potential energy, from which we can derive the laws of classical mechanics. There is a lot of math in the book, but one can ignore most of it as I didand try to understand the ideas from Feynman’s very clear and simple language.

The description of the object also depends upon the frame of reference observer. Jul 23, Kenny Parnell rated it it was amazing. Nov 04, Roy Lotz rated it really liked it Shelves: The sections on conversational energy, Gravitation and Quantum mechanics are a little basic but interesting nonetheless after all these are the easy pieces!

He did really well with writing for the average lay person. If that doesn’t scare you, or if you have the will and the patience to give i For all of those who took introductory college level physics courses once upon a time, and wish to know more about the development of the science during the 20th century, this is a very authentic introduction. Jul 19, Dan Cohen rated it really liked it Shelves: OK, this was written inand maybe before that students were simply told to memorize the Lorentz transformation matrix.


May 12, Mike rated it really liked it. He assisted descaragr the development of the atomic bomb and was a member of the panel that investigated the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. Jan 21, Abdulrahman Kauther rated it it was amazing. He has no patience for formalisms or conventions; he is anything but pedantic. William James and Ernest Hemingway. Want to Read saving….

But even if you aren’t able to understand the mathematics of the concepts discussed, the piezaz of the theories discussed is spectacular and it is worth knowing about the weird ways in which nature works. I generally suggest avoiding this book and its outdated approach to Special Relativity.

Very appropriate title, especially if one has not read complete lecture series. Apr 03, Charles Bell rated it it was ok.

Seis piezas fáciles by Richard P. Feynman on Apple Books

We have “Not so easy” is right! However, due to the subject of this book, it does demand a certain aptitude and effort from the reader it is not-so-easy as the name honestly suggests. This book, as well as its companion, Six Easy Piecesis a book that can judged by its cover. We might like to turn the idea around and think that the true explanation of the near symmetry of nature is this: But to do that we need to move the projectile up quickly, which slows down its time.

No twentieth-century American scientist is better known to a wider spectrum of people than Richard P. In addition to his work in theoretical physics, Feynman has been credited with pioneering the field of quantum computing, and introducing the concept of nanotechnology creation of devices at the molecular scale.


I listened to the audio, and it was very enjoyable. However, the chapter on Curved Space was superb. Insight for non-mathematicians I’ve often wanted to understand how mathematics has been used to define laws that are proven, or not, by experiment.

I especially like the ant on the reverse hot-plate analogy. I wish there were more teachers like him today. But how can a series of equations predict the mass?

Feynman designed these lectures so that, he hoped, physics non-majors would be able to grasp the concepts, while majors would get a sense of the excitement of fsciles and maintain their piezass. I swear, science is drugs! I look forward to spending some more time with him. Learn Relativity from the maestro Richard Feynman himself In the introduction to this book, Roger Penrose, another great theoretical physicist of our times, states that “Relativity is not airy-fairy philosophy, nor is space-time mere mathematical formalism.

Mar 10, Manish Mishra rated it it was amazing. Well, the strength of a magnetic field depends on its frame of reference, and the field the proton feels is much weaker. I learned that there are somethings I cannot grasp and descargad these things are not understandable by most people.

The cescargar way to think of them are as Feynman samplers; you will not be able to eat your fill, but the books leave a pleasant taste in your mouth. In summary, this is a jewel of a little book that I thoroughly enjoyed and which deserves a full 5-star rating. So they purposely put an error in there, so that the gods would not be jealous and get angry with human beings.

It also has some unique thought experiments for developing an intuition regarding relativity.