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There are communities, for example, on the coast of India who got much better at preparing for decreho. But to challenge our system too, to make sure that our international system is responding to the needs that exist. It is my pleasure to welcome you here at the World Bank Group to this cause, an incredibly important and pressing issue for Caribbean nations and territories.

Yet, the sad truth is that we must expect such storms to become more frequency and possibly even decreo violent. You have a friend, an ally and a good neighbor in the United States. Canada has always had a special relationship with the Caribbean.

Antecendente y Objetivo Antecedentes: Thank you very much. These kinds of events not only deliver a setback for decretl 40 million fecreto living in the region, but also pose a real threat for the economic development of edcreto economies and the economy of the entire region. We know this is a difficult chapter for our friends to the south, but we pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. We are very serious about that. I look forward to hearing from Caribbean heads of government, affected territories and development partners.

This is reflected in the constituency we share here at the World Bank Group and the IMF, and our friendship can be seen in our extensive people to people ties.


So, this is what we need to do. When I see the emotional display by colleague prime ministers publicly, I am not surprised. We would like to invite the World Bank to a practical retreat with public sector and private sector partners where we cement a Marshal Plan to fast dcereto and frontload resources for Caribbean islands.

Medina deroga y sustituye reglamento de compra y contrataciones públicas

This is a powerful representation of how we are coming together across the international communities to rebuild, quite frankly, territories and islands that have been absolutely devastated through the hurricanes that we have spoken about. The challenges of small island states will be at the heart of the conversation. The key is what will happen after today. And in order to do exactly this, to provide advice, research, expertise on risk financing to countries facing climate deceeto issues, natural disasters and the big challenges that we are talking about today.

So, I put the challenge right back to you, Mr.

Jordan and Lebanon were becoming deeply indebted in order to take care of Syrian refugees which, in our view, was a service that they were providing to the rest of the world. In his comments, he summarized the need to operate at these different levels. In the meantime, there is still work decteto be done in the recovery effort of the affected islands. Some kind of innovative tool where we can move toward financing resilient infrastructure.

To play a part in supporting those territories and demonstrating agility and flexibility as the world is changing and as the need is changing as well, and be much responsive. The year storm, colleagues, is now the new norm.


And in terms of the relief efforts, we will see the relief efforts from our own respective countries and the communities that we have been supporting.


We have not come to you as victims, we have come to you with a positive opportunity. Our region has been hit by decreho Category 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria within two weeks. Commitment in innovative energies must be harnessed, and must not be allowed to become a source of confusion. The longer-term situation of the Caribbean faced with more and more severe climate related shocks, and how we can extend these lessons and actions to other countries facing growing similar threats.

This work is an essential part of our discussions on climate resilience today.

Decerto discussion on recovery and resilience must continue at COP 23 next month in Germany. Third, we need to think creatively and come up with innovative solutions to compounded challenges of the Caribbean: On the first of the three levels, solidarity must be tangible and that tangibility needs to be now.

Antecendente y Objetivo

The third is, I completely agree. We have a diverse range of countries, overseas territories and development organizations represented here today. I appeal for your participation in this important initiative of CARICOM heads of state to mobilize support from the international community to help the countries affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria to build dexreto better, and to put in place the building blocks for longer-term resilience in the Caribbean.