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There are not legal provisions entitling pregnant dereto or nursing mothers to apply for part-time working hours. The norm talk about fathers and there is not an express previous or general scope at the beginning of the norm. The worker is entitled to to two paid breaks per day of half one hour each. Job offers in public and private institutions shall not discriminate a person because of their sex or age.

Please contact us if you have updated information. All matters relating to dfcreto welfare and social security and members of the National Armed Forces will continue to be governed by special laws.

According to the General Regulation of the Social Insurance, maternity healthcare benefits are provided to affiliates and retired, as well as their wives or partners. If the woman worker is absent from her work for a period exceeding the maternity leave period because of an illness arising out of her pregnancy or confinement, she shall be entitled to sick leave for up to three months if she has decgeto for the same employer for less than five years and for up to six months if she has worked for the same employer for more than five years.

Relevant provisions have not been identified. Eventually this paternity leave benefit may be extended for up to 14 more days in case of serious illness of the child or the mother please read the field on leave for sickness of a child. Tribunal Supremo de Justicia http: National plan to equality of opportunities bolivia. There are not qualifying conditions to be entitled to paternity leave benefits.


By Regulation or Special Decree, the National Executive President may extend the scope to other categories of workers. Under no circumstances can women be discriminated based on gender or marital status. Furthermore, 19966 nacer” ensures registered disadvantage women edcreto free medical health-care during pregnancy, confinement and after confinement Act Workers may not be exposed to the action of physical agents, ergonomics, psychosocial risks, chemical, biological or otherwise, without being warned dwcreto the nature thereof, the damages that may se to health and previous coach on the principles of risks prevention.

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It is only expressly provided for fathers in case of serious illness of a child or serious health complications of the mother, in these cases the fathers are entitled to fourteen 14 continuous paid days in addition to the paternity leave. Social 1996 Parental leave benefits Not provided Act No. All behaviours that discriminate against women in either public and private decrfto that are an obstacle to their enrollment, promotion, stability and permanence in employment; or by demanding their civil status, maternity, physical appearance and pregnancy tests is considered labor violence agains women.

This right also covers adoptive fathers. There are not qualifying conditions General Labour Act.

Bolivia – Maternity protection – 2011

Special Law to Dignify the work of concierges, Official registry No. Adoption leave is conferred by the Labour Code and covers all workers in the public and private sector. To this aim, it shall guarantee to every woman services and programmes of health care for free and with the highest quality, during pregnancy, confinement and the post-natal period. By Social Security for people affiliated to the system By State for women registered in”plan nacer” Act One hundred percent The Labour 19996 establishes a duty in the head of employers with more than fifty workers to maintain nursing rooms.


Up to 45 days before and 45 days after confinement.

Women workers may, however, request such examinations in order to enjoy the protection accorded by the provisions of the Act. Organic Law to protect children and adolescents, Official registry 5.

The amount cannot be lower than the wage that the worker was receiving before adoption. It is not mentioned. The right to transfer has been expressly established during pregnancy and not during the breastfeeding period.

Although the Act on Employment Contracts does not have any provision that expressly prohibit the dismissal of a woman on the grounds of pregnancy, it does guarantee that, during this period, every woman shall be guaranteed stability of employment during her pregnancy, which shall constitute an acquired right from the date on which she duly notifies her employer of the fact that she is pregnant, with confirmation in the form of a medical certificate.

To be granted these nursing facilities, women workers may not earn monthly more than 5 minimum wages. Nightwork for women is prohibited. Paternity leave benefits Scope The law establishing the paid paternity leave talks about fathers and there is not a general, previous or special scope of the norm in order to exclude certain fathers. The Social Security governs the legal relationships and situations on the occasion of protection of Social Security affiliates and their beneficiaries in contingencies of maternity, old age, survivors, sickness, accidents, disability, death, retirement, severance or unemployment.

We update the database regularly but are unable to guarantee that the laws it contains are always complete, accurate and the most recent version.