Dynamic Forms Demonstration 18 – Offering Payment Options to Users using . This demonstration illustrates advanced workflow functionality within Dynamic. However with Dynamic Forms or Dynamic Registration tokens should be encapsulated inside of ‘$(Token)’. So if you’re passing a Token into a.

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Show More This is truly a great module. Show More For somebody absolutely new to DNN, we found this module very easy to understand and configure. I find several things very confusing, even after reading the documentation numerous times. What about the Upgrade Path and Discounts? Fogms see our Upgrade Policy for details.

What really sets this product apart is the level of customer service that comes with it, which as you can see from other reviews is a major part of the whole package when your deciding where to spend your money. We bought datasptings UcanUse module and it is Crap!!!!! Show More I have been using Dynamic forms for many versions.

This License Agreement replaces and supersedes all prior negotiations, dealings, and agreements between Licensor and Licensee regarding this Software. New ‘Quick Stats’ feature – A new info icon can appear next to each field dataspeings will display the fields short field name and other enabled features for the field such as if its required or any of the advanced field options you might want to know about without having to go and edit the forsm directly.


Powerfull, easy to use and flexible. You can do everything you can with the form using this module. After that, foms can add as many questions as you want and customize all the questions to your heart’s content.

We use this product for intranet use, but will eventually use this across the public web site too. Have always been extremely pleased with the functionality with this module!

They don’t float a bunch of buggy junk out there and For somebody absolutely new to DNN, we found this module very easy to understand and configure.

Datasprings support is awesome. That along with SQL post events and more have me building all the complex forms that I could want. Have always been extremely pleased with the functionality with this module! Enhanced Field Creation functions save you time and effort! Styles updated for DNN 6 including command buttons and general styling abilities Improved control panel provides easier navigation and setup.


Show More I wanted something quick and easy.

Data Springs, Inc. > DNN Modules > Dynamic Forms > Dynamic Form Demonstrations

Exactly what I was looking for. The Frms Panels allow me to hide and show sections based of previous questions. You have complete customization of how your form is viewed including how the results are view. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing to create custom forms for their website. Easily include registration parameters from the users response to questions.

It is clear that it was developed based on users’ needs. Great module that does anything you can imagine with your sign up form. Short field names will now be used with HTML field types, fields labels longer than 40 characters will be truncated within the manage questions dropdownlist.

Dynamic Forms 7.0

Please see our Upgrade Policy for details. You can demo these features here. New Question Event Features Automatically submit the form based on a user response without the user hitting a submit button on the form.

Great product, great flexibility, great service.