storia di storie. Il Nuovo Sudafrica dieci anni dopo l’apartheid, Dalla Englishness alla Britishness, (); she co-edited Discorsi culturali in. The Island Race: Englishness, Empire and Gender in the Eighteenth Century ( London: settlers from around the world While the Dallas family served British-style plum Alla Myzelev and John Potvin (Farnham: Ashgate, ), Gualtieri started her research career on Victorian literature, British colonial writing of ); Dalla Englishness alla Britishness,

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This augmentation of the ensemble for airtime resulted in the band sounding their broadcast best.

Itala Vivan – Wikipedia

By late the band had successfully toured England, usually billed as Ken Snakehips Johnson and his Emperors of Jazz. Tilbury was both a main grain reception port and, because of a convenient rail link to London, a popular capital-area hub for holiday cruise britisnness.

Perhaps this adlla prepared him for more of a bookish or spiritual intellectual life than could be found on the bandstands. Ten full years later his repertoire was decidedly less swingy, with American country music-flavoured hits T he Bandit and Hopalong Cassidy. Monaghan, founder of the London-based but internationally touring Jiving Britisuness Hoppers dance troupe, considered it likely that Johnson observed Tucker practicing his art there.

The investigative jazz historian and photographer Val Wilmer knew the self-effacing, pedantic Caton well but he was apparently unwilling to meet enquiring fans, and his address was never divulged.

Gualtieri, Claudia [WorldCat Identities]

At the time of his death his lover was the dancer Ilena Silva, as was noted in the Melody Maker report of his greatly-flowered funeral. The Internet did not exist of course, few musicians had home telephones, and The British Library Sound Archive was not yet established to provide ready reference materials regarding sound recordings, yet, musicians did share information about one another the traditional way, by personal contact.

Gualtieri, Claudia Overview. The Negro American trombonist Ellis Jackson entered the British scene inwhen he was part of a family troupe.


VIAF ID: 32239942 (Personal)

By the early s it was suggested to Hatch that he open his own nightclub and so established The Nest, with a name nicked from the famous Harlem club he remembered, and eventually englisuness in Kingly Street. The mass arse of jazz critics has for many years fouled the historical pavement over the original popularity of the ODJB, the Whiteman aggregation, and the many British dance bands that welcomed both influences.

Young Tiger was already an established Caribbean and swing music performer on stage and radio by the time his Englishnews record of I Was There At the Coronation hit the shops in Eglishness core of analysing jazz aficionados were not of sufficient social class to afford or be accepted in the swank hotel clubs.

Upon returning to England in JanuaryJohnson struggled with the fact that he was known only as a dancer. And occasionally an This is not to deny the many gay, lesbian and bisexual jazz musicians such as the exquisite Leslie Hutch Hutchinson, the jazz-classical composer-pianist Reginald Foresythe, as well as the non-hetero freer followers of Josephine Baker and other jazz artists. The Johnson band had bridge this cultural gap just as they had to take on several performance roles. At this time black performers were still rare in Britain and considered, alternatively, novel, exotic or, to swing music aficionados, especially celebratory.

The fortunate fact is that Thompson made friends with Hughes and their partnership was of mutual benefit. This could be construed as American cultural jingoism, which indoctrinated the world to its particular judgemental stance.

Louis Stephenson was then offered a job at the above-ground Shim-Sham Club, by singer-club owner Ike Hatch, who had formerly worked at The Nest and was an important black British jazz activist of the s.

Bandleader Ray Noble and select solo acts such as Noel Coward, Ivor Novello, and ethnic music stars were of course notable exceptions. Dance bands meanwhile longed to land a residency at an upmarket West End club to get good money, prestige, and broadcast exploitation via the BBC. Estratto da ” slla Funky street drummers from small Crescent City combos would have been out of joint.


Just when a record seemed to be a hot dance disc and nothing more, there was often an interlude of strings or celeste peeking through the arrangement to dress it up, swanking in evening clothes. His reputation was rising and he was a late addition to the legendary, uncompromising, short-lived and otherwise all-white British swing band, The Heralds of Swing; but despite encouraging press in the Melody Maker pages ofthey never got a recording contract.

When the veteran saxophonist and Selmer shop manager Joe Dallx Straten went into business as a guitar manufacturer in latehe called for the press a gathering of the leading London players, including Caton, Joe Deniz, poll-winner Ivor Mairants and Jack Llewellyn.

This was an era when, given a hit song, the published music would out-sell recorded versions. In many instances you can cite, white artists bring their own culture to the mix, intentionally or not, and the result should not necessarily be seen as a thieving, dilution of the American Negro inspirations, but merely different. Sheet music publishers cajoled record companies to cut their hoped-for hits. By the time Peter Powell was 19, inhe was freely befriending Jiver Englizhness on tour by keeping a watchful eye on the turnstiles.

Gualtieri, Claudia 1956-

Their presentation was straightforward, with the occasional scat novelty vocal. This eternal scrum took place in retail sales via record shops and bicycle shops, which commonly sold records. It is generally accepted that the Ken Johnson-Leslie Thompson ensemble never performed on the BBC, but this history is obviously elusive. Working and writing for tomorrow: His vocal delivery was half-spoken and could at times slide into the lazy, plantation Negro caricature so favoured by white and, to be accurate, black audiences of the day.