Login. Please enter your credentials below to proceed. If you don’t already. Upgrading to a Pro Account will give your editors a consistent message and. Designer Documentation. CushyCMS works by FTPing into your site and then .

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You can also just set each editors custom class ccms be just “mycompany” if you don’t need any of the complicated authorisation techniques. Custom Welcome Email As a pro user you can set a custom welcome email template. PageLime is another simple CMS option for editing content on your website.

No ads in admin interface Pro users don’t see any advertisements in their control panel.

If the login appears successful, perform a simple directory command: Use your own domain name For example. Terms of Service Your Privacy Support.

Pro Account » Free and simple CMS » CushyCMS

After that, click the “link” icon and flick over to to the Upload tab first, to upload the large version of the image, then over to the Advanced tab cushh place the word lightbox into the Relationship field. Once you’ve done this, mcs selected yourself a subdomain, you must then log in via that subdomain to perform all administration — and so must your clients. Upgrade to the optional Pro plan for custom vushy, color scheme and RSS feeds.

Take the below code for example:. How do I cancel my Cushy subscription? They love it because it gives them control and flexibility, and I love it because it reduces my workload. If your reader doesn’t support this e.


Free Unlimited free usage. If you cannot find anything related to your question, please do a search on our Google Group page before posting on it! Most importantly, it’s very robust and provides excellent value for money.

How can I get Cushy receipts for tax purposes?

If your account is cancelled or downgraded you’ll know because you will get a error vushy your custom login pageyou can re-subscribe immediately via https: No training required Everything you need to know is covered in the intro video on the Cushy homepage. No and no, sorry.

Find out c,s Got it. Remember that you must choose both the protocol ftp: Do you provide support over the phone? Miscellaneous Can I use Lightbox with Cushy? To reference these styles in your CSS, you might do something like:.

We provide on-demand web services that empower users around the globe by simplifying cusny way they work. You can even set this per editor. Labelling Fields Help your editors identify what section they are editing by applying labels to your fields. Cuahy is a CMS that lets you create new websites, as well as integrate it with existing sites. My FTP details are correct, or my site is behind a firewall. You and your Editors may continue to administer your cuxhy via cushycms.

I have a suggestion, where can I send it? Post on the Google Group first: Mainly cuwhy to the fact Cushy is dead simple to use, and also because we may be in a totally different timezone, most issues can be simply resolved via the Google Groups or email. No — please do not send money directly via Paypal or Alertpay. Once that element is found, any editable tags inside that element will be grouped together so that any “repeating” of the outer element will contain all editable elements inside.


Editing Images Cushy can allow your editors to change the images on a page. Save a draft of your changes, publish your changes, or schedule date and time to publish your changes.

Concrete5 can integrate with your current site or be used to build a new website. Custom class names Use the class name of “clienteditor” instead of “cushycms” in your html source optional.


Designer Documentation

Easy to use content management for websites that don’t need to modify a LOT of their own content, and cmms afford to hire someone to do it OR to spend a lot on CMS platforms. Page Cloning As a pro user you have the ability to cushg your some or all of your editors create new pages based on the content from existing pages.

Terms of Service Your Privacy Support. We use cookies on this website. Branding, Styling and Cloning. Cushy will automagically grab labels from the following attributes where available: Any special characters entered will be converted to html entities.

Frequently Asked Questions

You cmd what’s editable and Cushy will take care of the rest. Enabling this will enable a clone icon next to each page in the editors control panel this icon is already visible to the designer of the page.

GetSimple lets you create websites, then easily manage them.