Anna university, Chennai B.E / Engineering Degree Examination CS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SIXTH SEMESTER Regulation. SUBJECT CODE: CS SUBJECT NAME: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT: CSE YEAR: 3. SEMESTER: 6. SYLLABUS. CS Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes.» CS Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes. Lecture Notes Provided by. Einstein college of Engineering.

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2008 Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS 1351 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Question paper

Syntax of the language describes how to make sentences. Learning by building identification trees. What is meant by belief network? State the no altering principle.

Completeness, time complexity, space complexity, optimality. An omniscient agent knows the actual outcome of its action and can act accordingly; but omniscience is impossible in reality. Define a consistent plan. Define Interpretation Interpretation specifies exactly which objects, relations and functions are reffered to by the constant predicate, cs13351 function symbols.

What does Turing test mean? The study of the computations that make it possible to perceive, reason and act-Winston. If we want to have probabilities of all the possible values of artifficial random variable probability distribution is used.

  ICEA P-45-482 PDF

Proof Theory — a set of rules for deducing the entailment a set sentences.

Anna University Chennai CS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE model question papers

This cutoff can be implemented by special depth limited search algorithm or by using the general search algorithm with operators that keep track of the depth. What is called as bidirectional search? What are the different types of induction heuristics? What is the need for probability theory in uncertainty? Each individual representation of facts is called a sentence. Iterative deepening is a strategy that sidesteps the issue of choosing the best depth limit by trying all possible depth limits: List cs3151 various type of agent program.

When the agent knows artificoal the environment.


Define Artificial in terms of rational thinking. The sentences are expressed in a language called as knowledge representation language. Learning by correcting mistakes. Syntax of a knowledge describes the possible configurations that can constitute sentences. Blind search has no information about the no.


List the various search strategies. Process which is based on digging useful regularity out of data, usually called as Data base mining: Learning by analyzing differences. What is Induction heuristics? The search will conduct a random walk. The action program will run on some sort of computing device which is called as Architecture. List the basic elements that are to be include in problem definition.

What are the different types of planning? The depth first search is modified to use an aritficial limit rather than a depth limit.

Initial state, operator, successor function, state space, path, goal test, path cost. The planner should be able to add new actions at any time.

The action that the agent can perform. What are the phases involved in designing a problem solving agent?