Editorial Reviews. Review. “Mr. Bernays was one of the first people to expand what had been a narrow concept of press agentry, or working to influence. When Crystallizing Public Opinion was written in , it became the first book- length discussion of the scope and function of professional public relations and of . Crystallizing Public Opinion has ratings and 22 reviews. Gerry said: Simply a fascinating read – not only educational but reflective of an America ne.

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The Depression had made millions of Americans more aware of the world around them. Others use the term to mean the dissemination of material to communications media.

Notify me of new comments via email. The book is about directing public opinion in a positive way using the means available. Now inYour Future in Public Relations, to be published this fall, will present public rela- tions to the thousands of young people seeking a career in this field bermays social usefulness.

Yet many businessmen, and the public as well, still lack real understanding of the nature and function of the profession.

But as late as Horace Greeley was still protesting the so-called puff advertising. Comedy, less choked by tradition, produced popular plays and satiric portraits of leaders. He points out the legal basis for the right to criticize plays and novels. The department accordingly does exactly this. Certainly these diverse interpretations of the same term show the need for a uniform meaning.

Business transactions now be- came much simpler than they had been crystal,izing cattle, raw metals, weapons, and a wide variety of other objects were used as media of exchange.


This process of informing the public was often merely the now-familiar whitewash. They took up the cry uttered in and urged business to modify its attitudes and actions to conform to public demand.

The salary stipulated was not without popular interest from both points of view. For example, a hotel wishing to demonstrate its prominence can hold a public celebration with carefully chosen guests — including “a leading banker, a society woman, a prominent lawyer, an influential preacher, and so forth until a cross section of the city’s most telling activities is mirrored in the committee. Some define the activity as the ethical profession of communications ; a systematic means of inform- ing the public.

He also sent a copy of the article to members of his relief committees throughout the country. He examined American literature— books, magazines, newspapers, and classified attacks made on New York and New York citizens.

The crystaallizing relations counsel made articulate what would otherwise have remained a strong passive sentiment. This assumption, it may be said, is quite justified by the facts.

Crystallizing Public Opinion – Wikipedia

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He acts in this capacity as a consultant both In interpreting the public to his client and in helping to interpret his client to the public.

The Internet, and especially social media, may have disrupted that cycle in recent years, especially in an internal business environment where employees have complete access to the outside world. The encyclopedias started noticing the field in He helps to mould the action of his client as well as to mould public opinion.


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The 1 8th Century Enlightenment saw the birth of the expression “public opinion. Fascinating look into early 2oth century PR. In this period too, advertising agencies decided to divert to themselves some of the remuneration flowing to the public relations counsel, by organiz- ing their own public relations departments to render similar services to their clients. Politicians and statesmen realized to an unprecedented degree that the writ- ing of history provided a means of swaying public opinion.

Roumania wanted to plead hernays case be- fore the American people. In this post-war period, professional public re- lations techniques have worked toward eliminating maladjustments in many phases of our society — international relations, labor, management, etc.

Crystallizing Public Opinion: Edward Bernays, Stuart Ewen: : Books

They stated their opinion that the “American” Valuation Plan, as it was called, would endanger the prosperity of the country, that it would be inimical to our foreign relations and that it would injure the welfare of every country with, opiinion our com- mercial and industrial ties were at all close.

With public sentiment nothing can fail ; without it nothing can succeed. But these men did not consider it a part of their func- tion to recommend to clients policies and prac- tices which would conform to the public interest.