Get Creative Creative GigaWorks S Technology Speaker System User Manual. Get all Creative manuals!. User manual for the device Creative GigaWorks S Online user manual database. Second Creative GigaWorks S speaker comes in for repair Usually a parts list is available with the repair manual, however, we don’t.

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What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Also, Digikey is out of two of the capacitors: Well I changed the fuse and tried to power it up with original power cable and nothing happens. I don’t know the difference betwin ceramic and lytics.

This is for your security. Have you checked that one? For example, on the Edifier M there are lack of high pass filters for the satellites in the creahive section, thus its the satellites that determines the midrange and tweeter frequencies. Sep 16 Its also possible that the diode blew due to degraded glue plus that metallic standoff which is connected to GND!

Change only at ESR meter it was ok: Downloading to your computer – You can also download the user manual Creative GigaWorks S to your dreative and keep it in your files. See the image below, this is from a 3rd unit that came in for repair Anyway, that capacitor may not be the only failed component on that board.

Creative GigaWorks S Manuals

Thus gigwworks remove those glue. It had distorted sounds before, I carefully replaced some parts, including blown diodes, one zener, some capsm and one IRF connected to blown diodes.


Soldering on such PCB especially dealing with damaged pads is a frustrating thing, using L connections through holes, scratching solder mask then create connections, have to x750 very careful. Can also see the small capacitor which I’ve mentioned earlier the first unit repaired that was very close to the heatsink, plus still lots of degraded glue in critical areas close to the transformer there.

Hi everyone, i have creativf megaworks THX and was playing with it awhile ago.

Changed all capacitors from the power board,removed the glue, same problem. Gigawrks have more than I have the same problem! There was the odd S. If you are talking about the cracked ceramic disc capcitor replacement then it would work. Ok thanks a lot! With our help, your equipment will function properly! In the left photo no second link?

Creative GigaWorks S750 Manual

Note the heatsink is bending backwards due to the oversized capacitors. The sub woofer gets its power directly from the amplifiers and therefore if you apply power to the remote audio control box and the wires are properly connected to the speaker, you should get sound, however, I do not know what would happen if the connectors are not properly connected.

Please note that direct heating can also damage and degrade other components as well What was the wattage of the resistor and zener diodes? Nov 4 Apr 28 Thanks for the reply. Are there any schematics for the Amp boards? I already replaced all the capacitors that was recommended in this thread giaworks i need to replace one resistor that has died but i can’t really read the colors down and all the measuring does give me not really clear idea of what resistance he is.


May not look gigawors but gets the job done.

Creative GigaWorks S : Technology Speaker System User Manual

Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version. ASUS sound cards is more better like Creative?

Are those counterfeit capacitors? Right now I don’t know how to connect boards to each other.

Is it possible to make it dual-voltage? This is for your security. Wasted letting my speaker to eat dust for such a long time Firstly I had that blinking green light issue, where there are enough internet posts saying use a hairdryer to heat it up which is what I did. Does the red led on the audio control stay lit and when you press the power on the audio control are all the led lighted?

Its not easy to clean these oxidized connectors. Make sure all of the connectors inside the gigaworke are properly seated and did not get twisted or pulled out when you close the box.

Sep 9 Replaced D9 and re-soldered those uf caps, everything is OK now.