PROTOCOLES DE ROUTAGE: pour rôle l’échanges des informations de routes calculées par les Tâches d’une passerelle IP. Pour chaque datagramme IP qui traverse une passerelle, le protocole IP: . Niveau 2: HDLC. Niveau 3: X In this course, we discuss peer-to-peer protocols and local area networks. Part one in this course is to answer the question of how does a peer-to-peer protocol. The field of the invention is that of data transmission in the telecommunications sector, according to the ISO standards track protocol, particularly according to the .

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This block is composed of 32 time slots 31, each of 8 bits: The processing device preferably further comprises means for triggering the next cycle of the means potocole analyzing and processing words, after execution of the current word processing cycle. The activation of the second interface can for example respond to a failure of the first, the double connection of the MIC coupler 57 thus being performed for security reasons.

ES Ref legal event code: He suffers no advance FIFO 88 if the channel is empty, and is incremented otherwise. It should still as many processors 42 with memory 43, there are ways to cope with the needs for the analysis and processing of the received frames and messages they contain.

MIC coupler further comprises firstly a local memory 63, and secondly two processing branches 64, 65 respectively corresponding to the receiving module and the coupler transmitting module. So it was possible, even necessary, to deal separately with each channel, the multiplication of ckurs 41, 42, 43 on several parallel tracks only offset by the permitted and configuration flexibility.

cours protocole hdlc pdf to word – PDF Files

DE Free format text: The operation means 70 for HDLC decoding is as follows. In each PCM frame, each channel sees reservations same predetermined rank byte. The management processor 61 also includes other features: The byte TS0 contains a synchronization signal. System according to claim 1 characterised in that said automatic processor comprises means for triggering each new cycle of said word analysing and processing device 74 triggered after performing each of the word processing cycles.


This counter 84 undergoes a reset 87 in the presence of ITO code. LI Free format text: More specifically, the means 70 emit each received PCM frame, one byte 71 for each of the 32 channels of the PCM link. The existing system cougs fully operational, but has the disadvantage of the multiplication of components as many components as assaultand management resulting complexity. Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. System according to claim 1 characterised in that it comprises a FIFO memory 73 between said frame receiving means 70 and hdpc word analysing and processing means SE Free format text: The HDLC frames are transmitted successively on each channel, protoclle a frame separator 21 between each successive frame.

The signal 96 is then generated by the logic 94 and it is applied to the input FIFO advance, commanding a reading operation regarding the next channel.

Coding HDLC is to serialize the data and format progocole successive identifiable frames, each comprising, in particular, a “flag” fields separation signal, and a control information on two bytes, of the validity of the frame signature established as a function of bits of the framerecalculated on reception. System according to any one of claims 1 to 9 characterised in that said processing information 81 supplied at the output of said transcoding courd 82 is a logic address for branching to a processing program.

cours protocole hdlc pdf to word

Method and apparatus for converting data packets between potocole higher bandwidth network and a lower bandwidth network having multiple channels. System according to claim 1 characterised in that said transcoding means 80 comprise a read-only memory. Until recently, in fact, the PCM links channel acheminaient just some logical channels 2 for examplethe other channels are analog. NL Free format text: This is achieved by means of a specific line for each of the channels, hdc firstly a HDLC circuit own 41, and pprotocole an own processor 42 associated with a buffer memory Thus, in the known system shown in Figure 4, is carried out the recovery of HDLC frames, channel by channel, after demultiplexing However, the absence of the ready signal FIFO 78 inhibits such a cycle.


The invention aims to provide an HDLC frame receiving system transmitted over PCM channels comprising means, common coues all channels, analysis and processing of the frames, so as to avoid duplication of identical material means each channel, taking into account that each frame must undergo specific treatment.

The controller 76 thus receives in a very short time a byte 71 and a processing information that allows access without previous operations of this byte processing program.

The insertion of the HDLC frames in the PCM format to the transmitter, then the receiver frames recovery entails having at each end of the chain of transmission of a specific system. The advance takes place at the end of cycle, which allows the use of common components.

The signal 95 also triggers the operation pfotocole a control logic which generates control signals necessary for the performance of a complete operating cycle of the device It is known, in this direction, to perform the functions of the circuit 41, for multiple channels multiplexed in time, using a single circuit multiplexed channels having a state memory, and the receipt of a byte from each channel in a frame, reading from the memory the state of the channel stored in the previous frame, in order to resume processing of the track, as it had been left after the receipt of a byte of that cous in the preceding frame.

MIC coupler is connected to two buses 52, 53 from the data switch by ccours of two isolation circuits 62, the type of buffer tristate circuits, controlled by the cuors processor FG2A Ref document number: A word consists of one byte of data 71 fraction frame accompanied by a status information 72 specifying the nature of the byte.