Book 8 of the Ciaphas Cain series. The Imperium’s least willing hero is thrown back into the fight against another alien threat as Commissar Cain returns to a. This extract from the memoirs of Ciaphas Cain might strike some as a whimsical or ‘Particularly if it lasts a little longer than our last sojourn on an iceworld.’. Booktopia has The Last Ditch, Warhammer Novels: Ciaphas Cain by Sandy Mitchell. Buy a discounted Paperback of The Last Ditch.

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The Last Ditch (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Comissarie Cain arrives at world, fights enemy and produces one-liners, discovers that the enemy is not what it seems and everything ends in a big bang Cain is expecting the worst, but the squad double-times to the central control room and Cain starts to manipulate the controls according to Izembard’s directions. Well, that’s cai unfair. The boo This particular story is set during Cain’s time with the Valhallan th, and details the events occurring when the regiment is dispatched to the iceworld of Nusquam Fundumentibus to help suppress a secondary outbreak of orks following the original invasion which the Valhallan th had been part of defeating.

When they arrive, the Shrine is fitch, and undamaged to a degree unheard of whenever Orks are involved. Cain has visited Nusquam before, and is not looking forward to it any more than the last time, but it soon turns out that the Orks are the least of the threats hiding on the planet. But when his ship crashes into the wastelands outside the capital it disturbs a far greater enemy, one which has lain dormant under the permafrost since long before the Imperium came to this world, and could now threaten the whole sector.

The amount of different Tyranids was fantastic. A solid return to the brisk action, pure tension, and hilarious backstory comedy of the reluctant hero, Ciaphas Cain, as Cain and his band of protagonists set out to wipe out a band of orks invading a desired planet and sector of the galaxy and discover a much larger and more dangerous foe has set up residence tyranids!!

The Guard re-target their weapons, and rupture one’s stomach, causing a chain reaction as its contents burst into flame and ignite the other Pyrovores, immolating the Tyrant and its Hte. This is the book that Cain’s Last Stand wanted to be, and I really enjoyed the author’s stepping up and slamming the story in a format that viaphas easy to read and exciting as w Caih solid return to the brisk action, pure tension, and hilarious backstory comedy of the reluctant hero, Ciaphas Cain, as Cain and his band of protagonists set out to wipe out a band of orks invading a desired planet and sector of the galaxy and discover a much larger and more dangerous foe has set up residence tyranids!!


Heading back cautiously, dittch find the Ork vehicles abandoned, and the orks gone without trace. Cain tries to sound congratulatory.

I imagine he handles his dangerous with much of the grace and poise that I would! Their success is extremely galling to the PDF and the green companies of the newly-formed Nusquam 1st Guard regiment, who have been battling the Orks with as much enthusiasm but rather less competence. It’s got a lot of re-used material in terms of how Caiaphas views the world and his aide, but I guess that’s for the benefit of new readers.

But as they are about to evacuate, they hte attacked by a fresh wave of Tyranids, led by a Trygon that burrows out of the rock walls. Ciaphas Cain Author s: Feb 22, Gavin Gates rated it liked it. Unfortunately, that’s about it. Just as they are cialhas over a snowdrift, the ice cracks, and a Tervigon rises. Looking around, he is horrified to see hundreds, if not thousands, of still-dormant Tyranids lodged in the ice.

The humour is as strong as ever, though, and I found myself chuckling along and even laughed out loud at a few jokes.

Mar 20, Poe rated it really liked it Shelves: Can a book take itself seriously? Unfortunately, having the idea makes him the obvious choice to carry it out. The only thing that was missing compared to most Cain tales was a female counterpart which in this case only added to the dynamic flow of the story instead of bog down the twist in the intervals between the action.

In fact, Ciaphas Cain is simply practical and takes time to figure out how he’s going to get out of any situation he gets into. This was another fun Caiaphas Cain adventure. Cain quails at the thought that, even if they escape the planet, there will be nowhere to hide.

However, he sees an option: Unlike so many 40k books, the Cain novels don’t seem to take themselves too seriously.

At the edge of the frozen lake, Cain looks into the water and thinks he glimpses something, but it is laast too quickly for him to be sure.


To ask other readers questions about The Last Ditchplease sign up. So it is safe to say that the story pretty much gripped me and did not let go. Jurgen tosses him a krak grenadeand Cain shoves it into the barrels of spare promethium lashed to the ciahas, then cuts them loose.

He’s a witty, charming, and thoroughly relate-able character. I managed to read the entire book in one go, It took me about eleven hours if I remember correctly. Riley Nelson rated it it was amazing Mar 10, On the battlefront, things are steadily getting worse, as the Tyranid swarms attacking the city are steadily becoming both more numerous, and much better coordinated. Amberley is Ditvh Cain’s infrequent love interest and the editor of his books.

I can’t wait to read The Greater Good! Dark Imperium Warhammer 40, Guy Haley. This has spiraled rather out of Cain’s control and he now is frequently assigned to dangerous and suicidal missions.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Worth a read if you like a more human element in your 40K novels. No trivia or quizzes yet.

[PDF Download] The Last Ditch (Ciaphas Cain) [Read] Online

You have to compare to Dan Abnett who writes in the same shared world with more or less the same set-up. Formulaic but fun Ciaphas Cain ahem Black Adder adventure.

I really quite liked this, and much moreso than the last book as I have mentioned before. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Yupp, been there before just changed the true enemy. The Last Ditch feels like a retread, repeating the same basic story arc of a number of previous books.

: The Last Ditch (Ciaphas Cain) () : Sandy Mitchell : Books

This is a near-suicidal risk, but for Cain the caun between certain death and near-certain death is always an easy one. Anotei fun story of Commisair Cain.

Federer has advised them that they need to be under the ice to have an effect, so Jurgen creates holes in a few strategic spots with his melta gun. Light entertainment, but the author begins to fall into a pattern.