In this case, it’s Chthonian Stars, a Cthulhu Mythos (big surprise) game using the Traveller license. (Notably little relation to hypothetical. Could someone give me a run down on the mechanical differences between Wildfire’s In house mechanics for The Void vs Chthonian Stars. Chthonian Stars (Traveller) [Matthew Grau, Frazer Mckay, Robert Glass, Christopher Dorn, Michael Vaillancourt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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This site uses cookies. I guess the interest in Chthonian Stars is limited to a very small group. Seemingly a large shard of dark matter, this object is known in obscure prophecy as the Chthonian Star.

Tags separate by space: Maybe I was offered one to stop me from asking anymore! P lease check out our GTS coverage for a major update on this release. Has anyone done anything Unofficial that fits with Chthonian Stars? If he is reading this, I want to again extend my sincerest thanks!

First Look: Chthonian Stars from Wildfire-Cthulhu Meets Traveller –

Terror aboard starships in the first age of space, as it were. It looks like this was done on purpose by the art director and not by the printing press. This site only fosters and grows that appreciation! No Stafs Links Found. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Campaign Setting game world.

Articles containing Greek-language text Wikipedia articles needing clarification from November Which is still only partway into its six-book metaplot, by the way. The nations of the world still exist, but they have become more civilized.


Add a copy to your collection. Trask is a long-time sgars, world traveler and history buff. COROT-7b is the first exoplanet found that might be chthonian. I understand that the Wildfire crew have day jobs, but the book is done and although the following is “niche,” it seems well received by that small group. Sometimes directly with guns or magic, but always in secret lest mankind learn too much….

If I put anything together worth sharing I post something. Notify me of new posts via email. While there is certainly high technology, Jovian colonies and space travel, technology is not fantastic or magical. Trask, The Last Tyromancer. Sounds like a hardcover will arrive dinged up.


Chthonian planet

I know they exist because I have one and have see a photo from GenCon with a few sitting on a rack with other books. Add tags Tags separate by space: Also I wonder why the POD is a no-go? For the most part, these are all really good, but the section is short.

The equipment chapter starts off with a large section on technology, from medicine to terraforming to transport, which is both interesting fluff and useful game knowledge. Accretion Merging stars Nebular hypothesis Planetary migration. Astrometry Direct imaging list Microlensing list Polarimetry Pulsar timing list Radial velocity list Transit method list Transit-timing variation.

First Look: Chthonian Stars from Wildfire–Cthulhu Meets Traveller

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Exoplanetary systems Host stars Multiplanetary systems Stars with proplyds Exoplanets List of exoplanets Discoveries Extremes Firsts Nearest Largest Most cchthonian Terrestrial candidates Kepler Potentially habitable Discovered exoplanets by year before — I guess it’s time to give up on Wildfire for good.


Again, so there is no misunderstanding: July 8, March 20, trask Views first look. Both are planned, but do not stare confirmed release dates yet.

In comparison of Cthulhutech and his handful of supplements, I prefer a more modern approach of sci-fi, like Eclipse phase or Transhuman space, or Fading suns.

From the Publisher’s Website: HD b is an example of a gas giant that is in the process of having its atmosphere stripped away, though it will not become a chthonian planet for many billions of years, if ever. A preview of the worlds and Solar System of the forthcoming Traveller setting.

RPG Review: Cthonian Stars – Logic is my Virgin Sacrifice to Reality

The Chthonian Star is the thing that caused the end of the dinosaurs, among other things. It includes robust setting material, including a look at the planets and colonies of our solar system, new technology and starships, and a peek behind the curtain at the occult history of our part of the galaxy. Monkeys, Squirrels, and Power Armor oh my! Astrobiology Circumstellar habitable zone Earth analog Extraterrestrial liquid water Habitability of natural satellites Chthoniaj planet.

Scion was the worst offender, but Brave New Worlds comes to mind, as does most of the Savage Worlds books.