The Chroma A W and A W electronic load mainframes accept the user-installable A series load modules for easy system configuration. user can perform on line voltage measurement controlled instructions via RS- C or GPIB The Chroma W and W electronic load. File, CHROMA Series, , Mainframes X, Operation Share technical documentation including product manuals, getting started guides, and.

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cbroma The maximum safe reverse current hcroma the same as the rated current of Load. Chroma assumes no responsibility for its product being used in a hazardous or dangerous manner either alone or in conjunction with other equipment. Overcurrent When Load is operating in CR or CV mode, it is possible for a module to attempt to sink current more than it is rated for. Trademark Information is a registered trademark of. There are no upper and lower limits that would cause an error.

The former has four slots for Load modules while the latter two slots.

Turning off the load does not affect the programmed setting. The low range provides better resolution at low voltage measurements.

Non-latch means that when input voltage is below Von voltage, Load will stop sinking current. Remove any packing materials from the Mainframe. Press MODE key first, and manyal use or key to select voltage range. Selective voltage and current ranges. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.


6314A/6334A Mainframe Rack Mount Kit

About this Manual We ve added this manual to the Agilent website in an effort to help you support your product. If any damage is found, please file a claim with the carrier immediately. The low range provides better resolution at low current setting. Chroma user manual. Three of the keys perform two functions. The Mainframe contains four two slots for load modules.

Only the screwdriver is required in installing Load to Mainframe. The sampling rate is about 12 ms. Parallel Control The A provides parallel control, which enables high power testing manul a single module cannot meet the requirement of high power applications.

kangas :: Chroma manual

In addition, up to sets of system operating status can be stored in EEPROM and recalled instantly for automated testing applications. The A load module uses a photo coupler for isolation between the. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The LED segment on the front panel are momentarily activated. Power Electronics Testings Test Solution www.

The feet of the Mainframe can be removed for rack mounting. Immediately after turning on, the electronic Load executes a self-test which checks the GPIB interface board and the input circuitry of the installed modules.

The waveforms programmable parameters kanual The user interfaces include an ergonomically designed user friendly keypad on the front panel and the following computer interfaces: It calls attention to a procedure, practice, or the like, which, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in personal injury.


Add to Inquiry Cart Data Sheet. Be sure that your outlet is of three-conductor type with the correct pin connected to earth ground.

The A series has a self-diagnosis routines to maintain instrument performance. Both cause the input to go through an off state. The Load module will display ovp when overvoltage protection occurs. The display of module will show the present input voltage and current readings or the last display while the local state is in effect.

DC Electronic Load | Chroma ATE Inc.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, usser or implied, and no representative or person is authorized to represent or assume for Chroma any liability in connection with the sale of our products other than set forth herein.

Barry McDaniel 1 years ago Views: In CR mode it is equivalent to the programming of the minimum resistance for the present useg range. Immediately after power is applied, local operation will be in effect.