Jiddu Krishnamurti texts. Choiceless Awareness. What can the average decent man do to put an end to our communal problem?. This choiceless awareness. The Book of Life, October 10, HarperSanFrancisco, Facebook icon Twitter icon. Great seers have always told us to acquire. “Hi Adam, I would like to know what you think on “choiceless awareness”, as has been suggested by Jiddu Krishnamurti, as the only option we.

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Deepening and Expanding” pp. Listed by his given name ]. So, it is important to understand that the mind is made dull through resistance, through condemnation, blame, and avoidance. So I wonder if, as a novice, the technique is right for me? Krishnamurti Online “Para 16”. Choiceless awareness is posited in philosophypsychologyand spirituality to be the state of unpremeditated, complete awareness of the present without preferenceeffort, or compulsion.

I guess that we need to explore it and find out for ourselves. The American Journal of Psychoanalysis. You are not thinking it out. Because you are no longer resisting, the other layers of your consciousness are active irrespective of what you are doing; you are giving only the conscious mind to your work, and the unconscious, the hidden part of your mind is occupied with other things in which there is much more vitality, much more depth.

A humble attempt to define choiceless awareness | on the precipice

awarenexs Sir, the man who works making money, that is his myth. Now, most of us are dulled by what we call our work, the job, the routine. But if the mind simply has the intention to understand what is and is therefore still, in that stillness you will find there is an understanding of what is, and therefore a transformation. Choiceleas, one has to look at this habit, to be aware of its full significance, not just for one or two moments, but all through life.


Krishnamurti Foundations published c. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.

Choiceless Awareness

Continuum International Publishing Group. Therefore a man who wishes to solve this problem of sex must disentangle himself from the thoughts of his own making; and when he is in that state of freedom, there is creativeness which is understanding of the heart. So there is no conflict. He calls it ‘choiceless awareness’. You speak so much about the need for ceaseless alertness.

Others find they prefer observing and learning about many different objects of experience to sustain their interest.

He is the factory worker, the bank clerk, the lawyer, or whatever our various jobs are. A mind that is intent on understanding. Choiceless awareness is a major topic in the exposition of Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti — So, it is important to choicelfss the falseness of the process of depending on time as a means of overcoming violence, and thereby be free of that process.

Lewin, David November What do you think, should we tag-team on a new and improved Wikipedia entry? awarenrss

The constant is awareness. Octavio vega on A humble attempt to define cho…. Am I permanently injuring myself by sitting in this position? Part II; On being aware”. Observe yourself, and you will see this extraordinary process going on.


It should be integrated with your whole life. Retrieved from ” https: I also always intend to find the time to write more blog posts, so keep checking back!

Similarly with the political leader; remove his myth and you will see how soon he awareeness, he disintegrates. But if you merely look at things as they are, the fact itself is never ugly or repellent – it is simply a fact. The myth gives life, a spurious life, a life of impotence. It is the resistance that creates the division choiceles peace and action.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Hence, there would arise a duality — the subject and the object, the knower and the known. This means that in choiceless mode, we can easily start to see the interactions of different aspects of our experience.

Notify me of new comments via email. So — no duality. In other words, we see the cause-and-effect chain of experience rolling on. I am aware of beauty, the loveliness of a tree, the flowing waters. This doesn’t mean that modern forms of ‘bare awareness’ practice are without historical precursors. Doubt, question, condemn, remove his belief, and he is done choice,ess. Looking forward to your reply.

Posted in Daily LifePractice. Katherine, thanks for your kind and helpful reply. From awaremess website at Dept.