Learn Chinese from Chinese Pod Newbie using the LingQ language learning system to learn from content of interest. These are podcasts from listed here for easy reference. If you’re brand new to Chinese, this level is for you. In the Newbie podcasts your hosts. So from my first week I started off on Chinesepod’s first level: “Newbie”. I didn’t quite find this to be so unique – you’ll have covered this kind of stuff in any.

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View the full lesson for free here: This gives you access to the actual audio lessons, but not to the review and dialogue-only audio, activities, mobile access, personal flashcards list, or synch across devices. Clean New Year’s Resolutions: Taxi Conversations Suggesting A Route. I also think he brings a great English-native perspective to things, pointing out how strange some turns of phrase are and the like.

Chinese Pod Newbie , Newbie – Guess what I’m learning? (

Finding A Cheap Hostel. When you hear that squeaky cart roll by your table, you have to think fast. Clean Studying Chinese Newbie. Clean Ordering Office Supplies: This week on Dear Amber we welcome back an old familiar friend, the podcaster formerly known as Aric the Producer here at Chinese;od.


Clean Help at the ATM: I reached the end of my three-month mission to chineepod Portuguese. Clean Getting Off the Metro Newbie. Requesting A Glass Of Water. Whether you’re just starting to learn Mandarin, or trying to improve your pronunciation, this series is sure to be a big. Where Are You From.

Clean Thank You and Sorry Newbie. Inthere was no such thing as a language learning podcast. Clean Your Baby is So Cute! Clean Does He Have Children?

Do you really need to take a tour o. And luckily Chinesepod managed to solve these two major problems I have with other podcasts; they actually have quite a large amount of varied content and separate each podcast into one of six different levels.

And for Upper Intermediate, both hosts only speak in Chinese, although occasional English is thrown in. Clean Surfing the Internet Newbie. Clean Applying For a Visa Upper: Clean Dropping Marriage Hints: Customer Ratings We newbir not received enough ratings to display an average for this podcast.

How Do You Say. Clean I want chineseod buy this one – Newbie.

Chinese Pod Newbie , Newbie – Where Do You Live? (A)

Email Address What language are you learning? Well, well… what do we have here? While I know there are some systems that prefer a target-language only approach Rosetta Stone for example are newbue keen on this ideaI’ve found that this ignores our potential to take advantage of being adultsand using translations can indeed help when done efficiently.


Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. Newbie is the best place to start whether you aim to master the language or just want a few phrases under your belt for a trip cbinesepod China.


The actors do a good job, and the sound-effects are effective in making you feel like you are in the scene rather than a newbiie studio. Then, ensure you save the file with a “. Clean What’ll it be?

Clean Where Do You Live? Feng Shui and Surgical Masks. Today on Dear Amber, we kick off a new series of answers about different sorts of jobs foreigners can get in China, and what it’s like working here–today’s is about two-bit movie parts and bad acting.

In a land of Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam — and now Christianity — a quick sermon on how to identify your own religion might help.