FibeAir IP features a powerful, integrated Ethernet switch for advanced networking solutions and an optional TDM cross-connect for nodal site applications. Tx Range (Manual/ATPC). 20dB dynamic range. System Specifications. FibeAirĀ® IP Technical. Introducing FibeAir IP FibeAir IP is Ceragon’s next. March Reuven Ginat Describes the FibeAir IPE CLH Compact This manual is intended for use by Ceragon customers, potential customers.

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Cables In addition to the tools mentioned above, the interface connectors and their pin-outs, can be found in the following sections in this guide: It is also recommended to try to maximize the XPI as much as possible, by aligning the polarization.

Ceragon IP-10 IDU CLI Commands List

Download zipped SW package for example, aidu The FileZilla Server window will be displayed. DC powered equipment should only be installed in a Restricted Access Area. Any other connection may cause damage to the system!

Site 1 Drawers Site 2 Drawers 2. Log In Sign Up.

Unpack the contents and check for damaged or missing parts. Perform the following switching tests from one IDM to the other, and verify the system switches automatically.

Antenna Antenna is grounded as per site specifications. At a site with only one installation, labeling may be unnecessary. It is the owners responsibility to obtain any and all permits. The RFU polarization is as per link requirements and matches the polarization ceragn the antenna.


Make sure that the inner pin of the connector does not exceed the edge of the connector. Vertical Pole Horizontal Pole2.

Ceragon IP IDU CLI Commands List | Nokia BSC, MSC, HLR Commands

Repeat this step in accordance with the configuration. Two indoor units and accessories Two outdoor units One CD with a management user guide. The following interface terms should be noted: A pole that is not perpendicular may cause problems during antenna alignment. Mount the coupler holder on the antenna using the screws and washers supplied with the kit.

The purpose of these plugs is to allow any moisture that forms on the inside of the antenna or radome to drip out and prevent a pool within the antenna. Pre-InstallationPackingThe equipment is packed at the factory, and sealed moisture-absorbing bags are inserted. The Software Management screen will be displayed: Antenna sway braces are fitted and installed correctly, where applicable.

Some of the important points that place IP at the top of the wireless IP market include: Going from the Main Unit to a Different Unit. Acceptance and commissioning should be performed after initial setup is complete. Retimed Framing Unframed full transparency Coding E1: Configuring the Ipp the system is installed and tested, and antenna alignment is performed, the next step is IDU setup and configuration.

This may take manuql minutes until completed.

Interface Type Number of ports Timing maunal This sway brace should not be mounted to the same pole as the antenna, but should be installed directly back to the tower or an alternative point.


Click here to mxnual file for commands list. Configure the drawers to work in XPIC mode. Power Supply Notes When selecting a power source, the following must be considered: Ceragon Networks UK Ltd. Mounting Pole is of sufficient height, and is safely positioned, so as not to cause a safety hazard. The same antenna type integrated as indicated above can be used recommended.

Ceragon FibeAir-IP10 Manual

Mark the cables with V and H respectively, and make sure V is connected to the right drawer and H is connected to the left drawer. Run BER stability test on the link for at least 15 minutes to ensure error-free operation. Note that in this section: Typical labeling requirements include: The use of optical devices with the equipment will increase eye hazard. The stud must be installed using a UL-listed ring tongue terminal, and two star washers for anti-rotation.

Typically, for an antenna of 1. Run BER stability test on each of the Mbps links for at least 1 hour to ensure error-free operation.

Following this procedure will ensure proper, long-lasting, and safe operation of the product. Power off drawer V on that end and power on drawer H.