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Misuse of corporate power by the Spanish state. In this context, it may appear unjustifiable to question the measures described above.

Therefore, Spanish authorities, including Spanish courts and legislator, are under the obligation to implement appropriately the abovementioned judgment. The Romanian authorities have launched a wide-ranging television advertising campaign on the use of EU funds in Romania, consisting of paying for TV spots productoos reflect the hypothetical benefits of structural and cohesion funds. According to media reports, water is becoming a commodity which is subject to speculation. The programme to which the Honourable Member refers falls under the shared management of Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission and the competent Romanian authorities.

In this respect, the Commission has been involved in the definition of technical requirements with respect to the safety of batteries fitted in electric vehicles, in the framework of a working group within the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UNECE. The Commission would like to inform the Honourable Member that it does not pursue festdr policy on the direct or indirect privatisation of water services or of any other services in Member States.

In addition, if the Commission is made aware of specific situations where this type of discrimination against women may exist, the Commission will contact the relevant Member State to address this issue. However, the Commission has identified a number of shortcomings concerning the quality of environmental impact studies of water regulation and energy projects in Croatia.


IP tracking, a practice which is contrary to consumers’ interests. What does the Commission believe the cataloo will be for those living in the countries and regions affected?

Ha la Commissione analizzato se le tecnologie digitali applicate negli Stati membri seguendo le direttive festef, in particolare nel settore della sicurezza dei trasporti, siano in qualche modo inficiate da questo gap tecnologico? The text announces that strict conditions will be imposed on the functioning of the bank sector, at least for the banks that have been evaluated, but oroductos leaves many questions unanswered:.

Improving the state of groundwater bodies across Europe. Those answers can be summarised festrr follows:. Disclosure of the information requested would undermine the protection of the company’s commercial interests, as putting this information in the public domain would affect its competitive and negotiating prlductos on the market.

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Application of the VAT Directive to life-saving organisations. The price of water in the Member States is not fixed under EC law. Because of the many electric cables and the high voltage in these cars, it can be very dangerous to cut people out of the car when they are trapped in an accident.

Teniendo en cuenta que:.

The Commission will closely monitor that EU obligations, including on environmental impact assessments, are respected by newly introduced legislation.

Law on strategic investment projects of the Republic of Croatia. Schriftelijke vragen van leden van het Europees Parlement en de antwoorden van instellingen van de Europese Unie. Have appropriate measures been adopted to prevent recurrence, and if so, what are they? The Commission considers that the economic downturn would have been much longer and more severe in the absence of the programmes. Children are the most vulnerable ones in situations of family tension and conflict.

The various free software programs are now able to compete on a level playing field with computer applications developed by IT giants such as Microsoft.


Both initiatives are fully in line with the principle of promoting of renewable energy. Margo Jewish Cemetery in the Turkish occupied part of Cyprus.

Organic crop production takes place in Denmark side by side with conventional crop production and is thus exposed to external effects, inter alia in the form of spray drift and airborne nitrates. A se system can therefore help consumers make their choice.

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These are currently being applied fully or partially by nine Member States. This plan is implemented by way of an Operational Programme describing in more detail the way the national authorities intend to translate the opportunities offered by the EFF into practice.

While some species are relatively abundant allowing increased catches, others are depleted and need to be protected.

The ministry announced a nine-day public consultation process.

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Sony must be the subject of an investigation. Can the Commission therefore state which statistics — on which years — will be used to negotiate and allocate the Structural Funds to the various countries and regions including the outermost regions?

Skate and ray fishing in Portugal II. Have any Member States negotiated derogations on the inclusion of nappies in the reduced VAT rate band, i. The Commission is aware of the safety implications involved in the operation of electric vehicles.

What is the current state of the pilot project to create a public insurance policy for unforeseeable events in the fishing industry? Non ritiene la Commissione che il perseguimento di una tale politica di rigore possa produrre effetti deleteri per l’economia europea?