Product Information. This MREX Ring Lite for close-up and macro shooting is loaded with many features and capabilities. With Canon’s E-TTL, it takes full. Buy Canon MREX II Macro Ring Lite featuring Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II, Twin-Tube Design & 12 Custom Functions Guide Number: ‘ at. By addressing both of these issues, the Canon Macro Ring Lite MREX II Flash lands right at the top of the most valuable macro photography accessories list.

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Here is part of a two dollar bill:. Gets The Job Done This macro ring flash unit wasn’t purchased for macro photography or for use on a macro lens.

Canon Macro Ring Lite MR-14EX II

Both A and B flashes can be used at the same power level rung control offflash A or B can be independently turned off, or the ratio between the flashes A: When the flash is used as the mr14ex light source, both subject and camera motion unless extremely fast is frozen due to the very short duration of the flash.

I am getting very nice results. After using the Canon MREX for only a day, I wish I had spent the money saved my money and bought this ring flash in the first place. If the subject was in the same lighting as the background, I would have needed to use a macroo shutter speed — or use one or more slave flashes to light the background. Because the flash occurs in a very short duration, the result is similar to if an extremely short shutter speed was used and the ‘pillar is sharp.

Place your order by 5pm Wed Jan 2 and your order will ship the same day.

Macro Ring Lite MREX – [Canon Hongkong Company Limited]

Rated 3 out of 5 by James M. The quick flash recycle time range is 0. In my case, using a Canon mm STM lens—there is no groove, therefore you have to buy an adapter which screws into the filter thread.


I usually like this look. Best Selling in Flashes See all. As illustrated above, the ring flash can be used as a main light for more-distant subjects. The MREX II is a well-built and well-designed ring lite flash that is very easy to use and an extremely valuable asset in macro photography. While casual macro flash users may not find reason to upgrade to the II, serious macro photographers and new buyers will likely find the II to be the right option for them.

Live for the story Stories. Also, a tripod does not help stop subject motion blowing ribg, moving insects, etc. Creative close-up flash photography A ring-flash design allows uniform lighting of small subjects — ideal for wildlife photographers shooting flowers and insects, and those working in specialist scientific applications.

In addition, the ring lite’s focus assist lights provide the ability to manual or auto focus mf-14ex the subject — and provide light needed for easy composition. I can walk around the gardens in my yard for a relatively short period of time and come back with a large number of keeper-grade images.

Canon MR 14EX Ring Light/Macro Flash for Canon

LCD panel illumination color Green, Orange. High quality printers and faxes for your business. My Profile My Profile. Additionally, it provided only mediocre lighting compared to the Canon Ring Light.

Flash, Lighting and Accessories. You are of course seeing shadows changing intensity and direction. A flash provides high quality, full-spectrum light that brings out the richness of the colors in your subject. Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you Macro Ring Lite MREX that you mr-4ex purchase direct.


Video Cameras Video Ding. It provides ample light in most situations. The biggest complaint for cheaper flashes was that they broke down after a short time. The power of DSLR in the body of a compact. The functions these buttons control are dynamically determined based on the settings being adjusted at the time.

I just wish it had the radio signal capabilities of the Speedlites. My only complaints are the build quality the plastic hotshoe mount and battery door seem cheap for such an expensive flash and the need for an adapter if you want to mount it to a non-macro lens.

Schedule your rental now: Trade In Your Gear for Cash. It uses much brighter LED lights for jacro pilot focussing lights – the previous model’s lights were pretty much useless. Explore the latest photo tips and techniques. Because the ‘pillar was in the shade, flash was able to provide the main light captured in the exposure.

Canon Macro Ring Lite MREX II Flash Review

Flash lighting will create reflections and a ring light creates a distinct reflection. The flash-per-charge rating jumps to at least full power flashes up from Because the giant 6″ 15 cm tetrio sphinx caterpillar below was in the shade, I was able to align the fully-sunlit flowering shrubs in the background and use flash to light the ‘pillar. It was bought to attach to a Canon STM lens for use in photographing products for our design business.

Camera Connect Camera Connect. I am grateful for your support! Well worth the money!