View and Download Canon DRCII startup manual online. Canon Scanner Manual DRCII, M DRCII Scanner pdf manual download. View and Download Canon DRCII specifications online. Scanners. DR- CII Scanner pdf manual download. We have 10 Canon imageFORMULA DRCII manuals available for free PDF download: Startup Manual, Pocket Manual, Maintenance Manual, Brochure.

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Startup Manual Read this manual thoroughly before using this scanner. Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. Should you have any questions concerning this Agreement, or if you desire to contact Canon for any reason, please write to Canon’s local affiliate.

Be sure to read this manual thoroughly before using the scanner in order to ensure that you fully understand how to use the scanner correctly.

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dd-3080cii After you have read this manual, retain it for future reference. Notational Conventions The symbols and indications used in this manual are explained dr-308c0ii. Familiarize yourself with these symbols and their meanings before reading this manual. In order to use the machine safely, always pay attention to these warnings.

The performance of this scanner is affected by the environment in which it is installed. Make sure that the location where the scanner is installed meets the following environmental requirements. When using an extension cord, make sure that the extension cord is rated for the current requirements of the scanner.

Do not use flammable liquids to clean the scanner, including alcohol, benzene, or paint thinner. Canon dealer or service representative for assistance.

DRC Color Document Scanner

Doing so creates a risk of fire or electric shock. The object could injure someone if it falls or tips over. Checking the Packing List The contents of the carton in which this scanner is shipped are described below. If anything is missing or damaged, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or service representative. Before using the scanner, remove the protective tape and protective sheet that protect the scanner from damage during shipment.

Remove the protective tape that is attached to the exterior of the scanner. Open the paper feed tray and remove the protective tape that is inside the scanner.

Names and Functions of Parts This section explains the name and function of each part.

Familiarize yourself with the parts before connecting the scanner. Connect to the power cord. Doing so could cause the scanner to overheat, creating a risk of fire. Installation Procedure The procedure for installing the scanner is outlined below. Check the interface board in your computer. However, when you use the scanner with a personal computer amnual with USB 2.

PC on once again. Connecting the Power Cord Connect the power cord that is provided with this scanner to the power cord connector located on the rear of the scanner, and then plug the cord into a power outlet. Turning the Power On Turn on the scanner. The power switch is located on the lower right front corner of the scanner.


To turn the scanner on, press the power switch. When the power indicator lights green, the scanner is on. When the power indicator turns off, the scanner is off. Before installing the software, be sure to open and read the Readme. The setup disc included with the scanner contains the following software: On the Dr-3080fii menu, click Run.

Manial Run dr-080cii box appears. Follow the instructions on the screen and complete the installation. Restart Windows when you have completed the installation. Close the scan panel that is in the task tray. Click the Yes button to start the uninstaller. Turn on your PC.

On the Start menu, point to Settings and click Control Panel. From the Help menu on the CapturePerfect menu bar, click Help, then refer to the explanation of how to use CapturePerfect. Starting CapturePerfect Turn on the scanner. Turn on your computer. Using the Scanner Documents This scanner is able to scan documents ranging in size from business cards and checks up to B4 size documents. The scannable size range is: Do not place anything other than documents, and especially not heavy objects, on the paper feed tray.

The object could fall suddenly and injure someone, or the scanner itself could be damaged, which could result in lower image quality.

If the guide is not open when a document is scanned, the scanned document could droop down and become jammed in the scanner. When scanning a document that mnaual particularly thin or particularly long, it could droop down over the edge of the document eject tray extension and become jammed in the scanner.

Avoid this problem by attaching the document eject guide. Grasp the edge of the document eject tray extension and lift it up. Attach the document eject guide to the document eject tray as shown in the illustrations.

When doing so, align the mark on the scanner. To remove the document eject guide, reverse the procedure described above. When loading a document for scanning, be careful to remove all paper clips, staples, etc. During the scanning process, such objects can tear the document, cause a paper jam, and damage the scanner. Automatic Feeding Get ready to perform the scanning operation with your application software, and set the automatic feed function.

There are stacking limit marks load pages in excess of this mark. If the scanner is not going to dr-308c0ii used again soon after the document has been scanned, protect the scanner from damage by removing the document eject guide if it is attached to the document eject tray and then close the paper feed tray and the document eject tray extension.

Place a single sheet of the document in the paper feed tray and then gently push it into the document feed opening. The scanner will begin to take the sheet in and scan it. The scanner uses a folio scanning method to scan documents that are bigger than B4 size paper er-3080cii A3 size paper.


To do folio scanning, fold the document in half and set it on the scanner, both sides of the folded document are scanned and are combined as a single image.

There are 4 types of Patch Code Sheets: Then print the sheets to use them. When this sheet is detected, a file separator is inserted after this sheet. Note, however, that the setting is ignored, and this sheet is recorded as an image even if recording of sheets as an image has been disabled in the patch code detection settings. Damaged or marked Patch Code Sheets cannot be read correctly. Using the Scanner 0.

Clearing a Paper Jam If a paper jam occurs in the scanner, follow the procedure described below. It is possible to cut your hand on the edge of a sheet of paper. If there are any ejected sheets already in the document eject tray, remove them. Raise the upper unit as far as it will go. Remove the jammed paper inside of the scanner.

Canon imageFORMULA DR-3080CII

If the sheet does rip, be sure to remove all of the remaining pieces of paper. Gently push down on the top of the upper unit until it clicks into place. Note Once you have cleared the paper jam, check whether the scanned image on the last page has been stored properly or not, and then resume scanning. Cleaning the Scanner To clean the exterior of the scanner, dampen a cloth with water or a mild detergent, wring the cloth out thoroughly, and then wipe the dirt away.

Then use a dry, soft cloth to wipe away any moisture. Then use a clean, dry cloth to wipe away any moisture. Documents Do Not Feed Properly Check each possible cause. Cause The scanner is not connected correctly.


If the scanner is not on, shut down the PC, then turn the scanner on first, and then the PC. Notice If the scanner does not respond at all due to a system error, turn the scanner off, wait at least 10 seconds, and then turn the scanner back on again.

For details on how to install the application software, refer to the application software instruction manual. The [Scanner Adjustment] dialog box is displayed. Follow the instructions on the screen to calibrate the scanner. Consumables Exchange Roller Kit This is a transport roller replacement kit. Please contact your lacal authorised Canon dealer as they must actually perform the replacement. Document positioning mark adjustment Page of 71 Go. Read this manual thoroughly before using this scanner.

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