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Do you import YTD data that may include adjustments to prior period data?

The task type controls who can run the package. Cash Flow Calculation Result You will see the values in the account that was copied to the CF cashflow account, as well as the depreciation that was copied to the account CF Hopefully, all of your records were accepted. Universe objects use everyday business terms to separateusers from database complexity. This is the S – Subtables dimension type. You can design a prompt to allow users tomanually enter data or to select data from a list of values.

Hierarchies also allow the use of multiple views from one dimension. Select the Type of authorization. Edit, fg the Manual orGenerated tab. Describe the advantages of using query filters. An InfoCube is an example of anInfoProvider and a query is one of the component types.

For example, Revenue is the calculation of the number ofitems sold multiplied by the item price. Create and fill aggregates Copyright. Continue using the document Sales Revenue per Store. InfoProvider CheckAs a first check the system checks whether any of the authorization that is valid hasthe required combination of InfoProvider and Activity.


Using Variables in BEx Query DesignerVariables are query parameters that you define in the Query Designer and that arefilled with values only when you execute the query or Web application.

Bw en Col96 Fv Inst Ltr – [PDF Document]

The system generates a connection name made up of the model ID and environment ID. In the Prompts dialog box, click Refresh values to display the values forCategory and select the value Bermudas. Optional prompt Select this option to allow usersto refresh the document withoutresponding to the prompt or byresponding only partially to theprompt. Consequently, you can focus on a specific part of the information available.

Calculate Account process chain. Type the file name Sales Revenue Report. Creating Analysis Authorizations for all InfoProvider DataAn authorization for all values of all authorization-relevant characteristics is createdautomatically in the system.

BPC Add required consolidation properties.

Bw en Col10 Ilt Fv Co a4 – [PDF Document]

The Result Objects panel. Build a query using the eFashion universe, and select the StateCity,Category and Sales revenue objects. This also prevents users fromchanging workbooks saved by other nist.

The first row will copy the annual net income into the CF cash flow account. Is null for which there is novalue entered in thedatabase[Children] Isnull retrieves datafor customers withoutchildren where Null isentered as a value forthe database under thechildren column. Add a prompted filter em the query to prompt report users to select the Stateeach time they refresh the document.


Note that this is an absolute value if the type ofauthorization is 2 and refers to the entire hierarchy.

Bw365 en Col96 Fv Inst Ltr

This allows you to check for example how thesystem would behave without this authorization. Creating Analysis Authorizations forDisplay AttributesPurposeAuthorization-relevant display attributes are hidden in the query if fg user does nothave sufficient authorization. Describe the principle of analysis authorization checks Explain the differences between analysis authorizations and previous Reportingauthorizations SAP AG.

Click Run query to run the query.

Bw310 en Col10 Ilt Fv Co a4

In both Merge and Replace and Clear mode existing values are completely offset in the database and the values in the import file are written as they are. Creating Models for Consolidation 2. When this occurs,you may need to try another method for the function.

Defining Analysis Authorizations BW The transformation file is selected. Analysis Levels Here are some sample business requirements for a consolidation project.

Launch the Web Intelligence Desktop application, and briefly explain thedifferent access modes. LGF is not used, then the default logic file will be executed for journal entries.

The programs for currency translation and consolidation are called directly. Use the Web Intelligence Desktop application for all the exercises presented inthis lesson. There is no specific setup required for this demo.