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Buy BS Cathodic Protection – Part 1: Code Of Practice For Land And Marine Applications from SAI Global. BS Part 1: -. BSI — British Standards Institution. BSI is the independent national body responsible for preparing British. Standards. It presents the. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering

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If this is important, the anodes should be shaped and positioned to minimize turbulence in the stream lines around the hull. After installation final testing of the isolating joint 4. Expanded titanium mesh satisfactorily protected with a maximum spacing with a mixed metal oxide surface see 3.

NOTE 1 Where detail of equipment is shown in the figures, the purpose is to assist in the reading of the text by indicating typical arrangements.

7316-1 7 a represents, in outline, the components of a cathodic protection with a mass of soil or water. Measures to safeguard neighbouring structures 9.

A resistive bond between sleeve is installed by thrust boring, the coating sleeve and carrier pipe, although allowing some should be 736-11, and appropriate precautions current to reach the carrier pipe, may be taken, to minimize the risk of coating damage insufficient for complete cathodic protection.

The bitumen-sand carpet is therefore liable to be damaged, thus allowing parts of the tank bottom to come into contact with the soil of the foundation mound.

This effect is known as cathodic polarization. It is normally impregnated with wax or a synthetic resin to fill the pores and the consumption rate can then be appreciably lower than that of 73611 and steel. Consider, for example, a lightning protection system with a single, small electrode.


Their use in areas susceptible to pollution may therefore be discouraged.

BS 7361-1:1991

This bz of cathodic protection is Irrespective of the type of drainage system used, the known as direct electric drainage. Whilst the main body of the first edition has been found to be sound, detailed changes have been required throughout the document, and additional experience in areas such as pipe coatings, anode materials and the cathodic protection of reinforcing steel in concrete, and methods of assessing cathodic protection, has necessitated the introduction of new text.

The mechanical Increasing the separation between the individual strength of the bond should be adequate to anodes reduces the resistance to the soil. These have operating conditions similar evolution may cause nuisance sb, in confined spaces, to 73611-1 platinized anodes described above and are create a hazard see Dependent upon the space available, the groundbeds should be located not less than one tank diameter from the tank periphery to provide optimum current distribution over the tank bottom.

When the potential drop suitable for cathodic protection is excessive.

BS Cathodic protection. Code of practice for land and marine applications_图文_百度文库

A spark gap may also be included with 4. In chloride-containing electrolytes this breaks down to give very non-uniform attack by pitting. There are also rate varies according to conditions. These aspects are discussed further in 3. It is stressed, however, that the average figures provide general guidance only. As indicated provided by the consumer in accordance with the above, the preset value required will depend upon statutory regulations.


In practice the potential may vary considerably over the surface of the metal. Instruments utilizing ultrasonic pulses, infra-red Diffusion of oxygen towards the cathode surface will thermography or radar frequency waves are reduce the polarization effect depolarization. For a given volume of anode material, used, for example, in the form of a cylindrical rod, the resistance 77361-1 if the length 73611 increased; the effect of diameter being 731-1 important.

Continuity checks are best carried out before anode placement by direct reading of resistance by voltage drop measurement. Recommendations relating to water and return it to earth at other points. This will necessitate measuring at a sufficient number of points along the route of the pipeline, taking into account the considerations given in 7631-1 is sometimes desirable to provide two, or more, 6.

This is the ideal arrangement. It should be noted, however, that the environment of the metal is altered, for example it becomes more alkaline see above. The overall effect is for the cathodic protection circuit resistance to fluctuate widely with changes in atmospheric conditions. Impressed current has advantages in formation on non-ferrous metals; ferrous sulphate is sometimes injected to produce inhibiting films.