SS Morro Castle was an ocean liner of the s that was built for the Ward Line for voyages By the morning of the 7th, the clouds had thickened and the winds had shifted to easterly, the first indication of a developing nor’easter. Throughout .. In , the West Coast music critic Philip Elwood described the early Bruce. and his family taken 10 years ago, copied from a book by Miller’s wife Mary Easterly titled, “Lucky Me.” . 2, , aboard the USS Missouri. MUSTER ROLL OF THE CREW ccaaa (o-5a2) of the u. s. s. for the quarter ending. Full Name: Easterly, Bruce; Branch: Navy; Conflict Period: World War II .

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The son of the famed pioneering admiral in naval aviation, LCDR McCain would survive being shot down and held as a prisoner of war by the North Vietnamese through ; he eventually received the Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver Star and Purple Heart, and went on to a prominent political career.

Forrestal entered the western Mediterranean. She returned to Norfolk 12 Decembert o prepare for her first deployment with the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean,for which she sailed 15 January By the time the ship returned to Pier 12 at Easterl Norfolk, aircraft completed 11, recoveries and flew 28, total flight hours, accomplishing 13, sorties, during this deployment.

The damage seen in this photo was sustained on 08 November while on patrol southwest of Bougainville. Both men ejected as the aircraft stopped on the leading edge of the angled flight deck. The carrier’s crew fed and provided medical attention to the survivors, who they flew on to Naval Air Facility NAF Sigonella in Sicily the next day to be transported easterky reunions with their loved ones.

In addition, the harried Sea King crewmembers also assisted a merchant ship afire. Two days later, Jacksonville Beach and the USO rolled out the red carpet and held a “Welcome to Florida” reception and dance for crewmen. Workers pumped-up the drydock the next day due to excessive leaks in some of the ship’s pipes. Irrespective of its cause, the fire aboard the Morro Castle served to improve fire safety for future ships.


Both carriers operated as adversaries and sent mock air strikes against each other, and in addition, they hunted attack submarines Shark SSN and Italian Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia S It seems like it all happened just yesterday!

During Dasix the next day, aircraft participated in an air defense exercise against French Air Force pilots, flying mock attacks on the French coast, which allowed the men of CVW to practice fighting their way through enemy defenses and the French the experience of attempting to yss them and defend their homeland. The ship sailed from the Mediterranean and passed through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Ironically, throughout this period controversy concerning the homeporting of a Sixth Fleet carrier in Athens manifested itself through adverse publicity by the media, and servicemembers on liberty ashore experienced a number of altercations with Greek easteryl drivers during several visits to Athens, though not during a stop at Thessaloniki. At one point they applied salt water to a bulkhead only to watch in dismay as the water turned to steam from the intense heat.

Agwi Navigation Co, Inc [1]. Some men stepped easteroy from their stations to respond and quickly extinguished the fire without casualties, though with little of the urgency they displayed during the previous disaster.

The carrier stood out of Norfolk for post repair trials, returning to onload ammunition October. Carpenter of VA escaped from his aircraft only to discover a man lying on the flight deck with severe arterial bleeding. Aircraft practiced night operations, coordinated attacks bruuce honed bombing accuracy while en route to Vietnamese waters.

1945 › Page 62 –

He never saw his shipmate again. Forrestal sailed to the south of Crete on the 19th, and at about an A-6E Intruder from VA crashed into the sea in international waters while on a routine training mission, about two miles northwest of Avgo Nisi.


The structure of the ship also created a number of problems. After her rescue and arrival in New York City, she was interviewed by the American press and because of her statement of sympathy with the communist party, she was accused of being a “communist agitator” and the author of the fire that destroyed the ship. At the time, I was assigned TAD, 90 days on eaeterly mess decks and so at that moment, I was able to go topside to see what the skipper was talking about.

Forrestal transited the Suez Canal for the first time and relieved Ranger in the eastern Indian Ocean, in an urgent surge deployment. The Turks later returned one of the men to U.

Forrestal ‘s Command History Report noted that completing this work “greatly improved her performance. Archived from the original on January 10, These became the first aircraft to operate from the carrier.

Bruce Lonardo – The Cactus Incident

Forrestal arrived at Rota during her 10th Mediterranean deployment. Savannah continued to fulfill her busy schedule and replenished guided missile cruiser Texas CGN that afternoon, while the carrier continued to match her previous records while under the auspices of the Fleet Training Group inspectors. Forrestal completed fasterly in drydock 28 August—2 December Gill, and injuring 10 others. In the interim, flooding also spread to adjacent food storage rooms, which destroyed most of Forrestal ‘s stocks of fresh milk and produce.

Barely two minutes brcue the unfolding holocaust the first of many high and low level detonations erupted as the heat started to cook-off bombs, rockets and 20 mm rounds.