The basis of the major motion picture starring Billy Bob Thornton, KimBasinger and Mickey Rourke, The Informers is a seductive and chillingly. The Informers. Bret Easton Ellis, Author, Gary Fisketjon, Editor Knopf Publishing Group $22 (p) ISBN In this incisive collection of stories, Bret Easton Ellis returns to the moral badlands of s Los Angeles.

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She then awakens and wanders about the house in a daze of Ellsi. I always suspected that Jamie and Carol had done something but since I never really liked Carol that much only in bed and even there I was unsure I sit at the table, uncaring, not moved by what everyone but me knew. Also in Vintage Contemporaries. Unfortunately this book is chock-full of them.

A Farewell to Beat Documentary Himself. Dirk was following Jamie’s car through the desert when Jamie crashed it, and Dirk pulled Jamie’s body from the wreck and waited with it until help arrived.

Okay, so informer a little disconcerting and maybe a little self-indulgent being shoved so far out one’s own skull, like being flung into a distant orbit, knowing hoping you’ll return, but not for a while, and you might as well enjoy the view before the wreck.

It’s easy to blame the rock and roll lifestyle for your behaviours but Bryan Metro is just a bad dude and the passage involving a groupie from a small town in Nebraska confirmed that notion. Gave up 10 pages before the end of it. Informer very episodic, like Pulp Fiction on cocaine, Nembutal, pot and high end alcohol and even veers into horror territory there’s a story about uber-hip Wayfarer wearing vampires.


The Informers by Bret Easton Ellis | : Books

There is no real plot to synopsisise for you, each chapter is just another look at the day to day existence of the morally bankrupt spoilt brats of Hell. There This is a great book about moral bankruptcy in the middle of glitzy LA. My favourite story, however, is one unformers Letters From L. The sight of the elljs bloody body after being raped by Peter only causes Tommy to become more apathetic. Return to Book Page.

If this review doesn’t make sense it’s because Bret Easton Ellis inspired it. You need a Breck Eisneryou need someone who grew up around here.

Vampires pop up and make racist jokes and have sex, then kill their sex partners. So I combined research with pleasure and got stuck in to the Ellis novel that I remembered most fondly from a decade ago. Worth picking up if you’re an Ellis fan, but if you find his style at all tiresome I’d skip For the first one hundred pages I felt like it was just a not-quite-as-interesting rehash of what Ellis did in Less than Zero.

The bassist yells out something. Before they leave, he encourages Tommy to murder the child to tie up loose ends. Edit Did You Know? Although Reynolds makes conversation, all informdrs protagonist can think about is Bruce, Lauren and Arizona.

The Informers

There were some great descriptions and maybe one chapter that pulled some emotional strings for me, but overall it was hard to become entirely enticed by this book. A film version of the book has been produced from a script by Ellis and Nicholas Jarecki and was eaton at the Sundance film festival.

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Jun 05, Elizabeth rated it did not like it. We live in a materialistic age, drug use is a serious problem, today’s teens have no substance – what exactly is the message here? I think it’s still my favourite Ellis too.

The Informers – Wikipedia

None of these characters seem even remotely happy with their lives. Looking for More Great Reads? This might be the fact that his books are more and more metafictional and that seems to help add depth into a book a shallow annoying characters.

This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Ellis is a great writer elllis it comes to observing the bland superficiality of our modern society, savagely satirical depictions of capitalist America and its inhabitants. It’s really more a series of horrible short stories connected only by the chracters that are mentioned. Graham visits Martin at a building where Martin is filming a music video for the English Prices, whose stoned lead singer proves difficult to work with.