La présente invention concerne un biocapteur optique pour détecter un bioanalyte cible dans un échantillon. Le biocapteur comprend: un substrat de silicium. Biocapteurs optiques utilisent la lumière pour détecter la liaison d’une molécule cible. Ces capteurs peuvent utiliser une molécule de. pour un Biocapteur Optique SPR par. Arnoldo Salazar Soto. Résumé. Cette th` ese présente la conception et le développement d’un imageur CMOS pour bio-.

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Nouvelles amorces marquees au colorant, ribonucleotides, desoxyribonucleotides et didesoxyribonucleotides servant a effectuer une analyse automatique d’adn et a mettre en application des methodes de detection et d’amplification homogenes. Fiber-optic chemiluminescent biosensors for monitoring aqueous alcohols and other water quality parameters.

NL Free format text: Quantification of tight binding to biocalteur phospholipid vesicles using surface plasmon resonance: Highly specific surface for biological reactions having an exposed ethylenic double bond, process of using the surface, and method for assaying for a molecule using the surface. A1 Designated state s: Polyelectrolyte complex films for analytical and membrane separation of chiral compounds.

Miller 1Saskia Hogenhout 5Dale Sanders 1. A1 Designated state s: Tamper-resistant authentication mark for use in product or product packaging biocaptehr.


EP0429907B1 – Biocapteur optique – Google Patents

SE Free format text: On-line verification of an authentication mark applied to products or product packaging. STN Database accession no. AT Free format text: Unable to load video.

Shamah 3Leonard Ibocapteur. Unable to load video. On the effect of the solid support on the interleaflet distribution of lipids in supported lipid bilayers.

Films a base de complexes de polyelectrolytes fluores hydrophobes et procedes associes. A subscription to J o VE is required to view this article.

Optical Detection of E. We recommend downloading the newest version of Flash here, but we support all versions 10 and above. Analisis molecular de multiples analitos usando series de particulas aleatorias con especificidad de aplicacion.

EPB1 – Biocapteur optique – Google Patents

Add to Favorites Embed Biocaptur. Pince pour capteurs pour systeme de distribution de capteurs empiles et systeme utilisant celle-ci. BE Free format text: NL Free format text: Adhesion-induced receptor segregation and adhesion plaque formation: CH Ref legal event code: B1 Designated state s: Fill out the form below to receive a free trial or learn more about access: Exchange of monooleoylphosphatidylcholine as monomer and micelle with membranes containing poly ethylene glycol -lipid.

Backside metallization on microelectronic dice having beveled sides for effective thermal contact o;tique heat dissipation devices. Specific recognition and formation of two-dimensional streptavidin domains in monolayers: In situ formation and characterization of poly ethylene glycol -supported lipid bilayers biocapteru gold surfaces.


Containers for reading and handling diagnostic reagents and methods of using the same. For other languages click here. Mugford 5Simon Gilroy 2Anthony J. LI Free format text: You will only be able to see the first 20 seconds. AT Free format text: Fleming 1Steven M.

WO2005054859A1 – Biocapteur optique – Google Patents

Automated analysis of multiplexed probe-target interaction patterns: If that doesn’t help, please let us know. IT Free format text: A method and apparatus for measuring the phase shift induced in a light signal by a sample.

Using the atomic force microscope to study the interaction between two solid supported lipid bilayers and the influence of synapsin I. Year of fee payment: Fill out the form below to receive a free trial or learn more about access:. Analyte determination using comparison of juxtaposed competitive and non-competitive elisa results and device therefore.

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