Colours. White. Colour Resistance as per German BFS-Merkblatt (Data Sheet) No. Binder: Class B Pigmentation: Group 1. Colour Resistance according to BFS Data [ ] Sheet No. Binder: Class B. Farbtonbeständigkeit gemäß BFS-Merkblatt [ ] Nr. . E3, – μm. Colour fastness according to BFS-Merkblatt (BFS. Leaflet) No. B Consumption: Per coating: approx. – ml/m² (for levelling paint).

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Mefkblatt Assistance As it is impossible to list herein the wide variety of substrates and their specific problems, please request our technical assistance in case of queries. Chemical installations, swimming pools, boathouses above sea. Consumption is a guide value and may vary, depending on substrate requirements. C3 modest Urban and industrial climate, modest pollution caused by sulphur dioxide.

Advice for allergy sufferers with isothiazolinone allergy: Stir thoroughly before use. Lower temperatures and higher humidity extend the drying time. Fibre Merkblstt Boards with or without Asbestos Fibres: Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3 2H -one, 2-methyl-2H-isothiazolone.


May produce an allergic reaction. In case of moist weather conditions rain, dew, fog yellowish transparent traces of additives, showing a slightly glossy shine and stickiness, may occur on the surface of compact, cool substrates or by 226 of delayed drying caused by the weather. Ensure good ventilation during use and drying.

ThermoSan NQG, diluted to a max. Resistant to common household cleaning agents detergents. Prepare and prime defective areas depending on substrate requirements. Maximum temperature for high-pressure water jet: Do not allow product to enter drains, waterways or soil. Jointing must be free of cracks.

ThermoSan NQG

Yellowing is a product typical effect of white alkyd lacquers synthetic varnishesdue to the use of natural oils. Production facilities with high moisture and some air pollution, e. Keep cans tightly closed. Remove completely by suitable means, e. Only completely empty containers must be handed in for recycling. New Coatings of Silicate Finish Render: On rough surfaces and consumption are correspondingly emrkblatt.


Do not empty into drains, water courses or into the ground. May produce an allergic reaction. Apply by brush or paint roller only. Do not use for the coating of medkblatt and anodized aluminium! Use waterproof adhesive tapes. Prime highly sanding, chalking renders with AmphiSilan-Putzfestiger. Keep out of reach of children.

Capalac Aqua Metallschutz: Caparol

On roughly textured surfaces correspondingly more. If brownish discolouration occurs in the intermediate coat, recoat with solvent-based facade paint Duparol. Existing coatings may require a trial coating and check for proper adhesion. Highly CO 2 permeable.