Dynamic vocal microphone with smooth mid-frequency presence rise for excellent voice projection; Ultra-wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent. The Behringer Ultravoice XM is a handheld cardioid dynamic microphone offering high-feedback immunity and voice-tailored sound for vocals, speech. Shop for the Behringer XM Microphone and receive free shipping on your order and the guaranteed lowest price.

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It has a very low feedback response which is good when you need to output a lot of volume. The XM is a dynamic mic for vocals and the sound The sound is comparible to a Shure SM58, I’ve owned a few but you can buy three or four of these for the same amount of xm85500 Read all reviews Rate product.

Behringer Ultravoice XM Handheld Cardioid Dynamic XM B&H

But all is correct to the console. Please click here for more on international delivery costs and times. Think about the XM as an SM58 will a little bit of dulling. Welding worked, and I even got back all without too much trouble.

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User reviews: Behringer XM – Audiofanzine

What is a Dynamic Mic? This means the only variable of the test was the microphone and the gain setting.

The Ultravoice XM is built to be your go-to dynamic mics for years to come. You can unscrew the ball. I can’t seem to hear any difference when I use Senn and Behringfr side by side, but only at the fraction of price. I’m not sure if it would behave the same in a live band situation, but in this scenario, at least, the XM won! Go out for dinner – vs – have a mic forever. The quality and construction seems rock solid, plus as I mentioned already, a carrying case is included.

Rather insensitive to feedback.

Stage Vocal Mics There are many vocal microphones that are suitable for stage use, from the cheapest dynamic to the most expensive condenser. No customer has written a text about this; or they have written a text in a different language.

I back the score Compare Similar Items Current product. Behringer released this microphone for a really low price and people went crazy over it. But nothing in this price range If it were lost or stolen I would definitely buy another and I have already recomended it to friends,a student and other people Behringee know in bands.


The frequency response is 50 Hz to 15 kHz giving it all of the range needed for instruments and vocals live. Always with customised added value for musicians.

Behringer XM8500

This microphone is cheap. I managed to take off the base by tapping it with a screwdriver and a hammer. Of course, a Shure or Sennheiser sound much better It’s not an sm58, but is it?

The truth is though, the SM58 will probably always work. The only minor downside is this mic is prone to exaggerating plosive sounds ‘P’ and ‘B’ sounds, etcbut I fixed that with a three dollar foam windshield. Or Shure for the small stage Some microphones that work for some brilliantly may be disastrous on others.