She does better at stand-up comedy than she did at her Comedy Central show The Sarah Silverman Program, which was just juvenile humor. This book does. From the outrageously filthy and oddly innocent comedienne Sarah Silverman comes a memoir—her first book—that is at once shockingly personal, surprisingly . In a new memoir, Sarah Silverman talks about her childhood, “The Bedwetter” is a mostly cohesive narrative of how a rebellious comic.

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The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee

The narrative isn’t chronological and the stories jump around. It has a dab of confessional, when she reveals bedwetting that lasted well into her teen years and a prescription that allowed for more than a dozen Xanax per day. Like me, though, you may end up a bit disappointed with the second half of the book. What we are also sure to get, and no disappointment here, is a platform for the writer to voice their opinion on people and situations that have been critical of them.

Every time I am in a Starbucks bathroom the overwhelming smell of Lysol brings me back to my bedwetting days. A lot more of it.

Sarah Silverman is a clever, sensitive, free-spirited clown who clearly adores her family and her friends, and who has no fear about talking honestly about her clinical depression or admitting that she wet the bed until she was Refresh and try again. I had one reliable means of escaping these situations. Archie Bunker’s racism was Lear’s vessel for delivering comedy with a social message. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.


If you’re just a casual fan, borrow it from the library. Wait a minute, is bedwetting a symptom of depression? But of course, this is a comic persona by way of which she is often pedaling wonderfully incisive social satire. She often performs her act as a caricature of a Jewish-American princess, mocking bigotry and ster Sarah Kate Silverman is an Emmy-winning American comedian, writer, singer, guitarist, and actress.

Sarah Silverman is funny, but her book makes her seem like somewhat of a spoiled brat The trajectory of her ailverman career was especially jumpy, with anecdotes scattered throughout but rarely in order.

It’s not that everyone that likes that joke is racist. With my experience in the book you’d think that I’d say it’s a bad thing, but I have been taking half a Zoloft every night since likeand I feel like I can be myself without fear of random chemical downward spirals relating to silvermaj.

If you are easily offended, then this is not the book for you. But that’s because the enjoyable parts are face value and its faults are a bit more below the surface. She has a way of painting herself as someone who’s humor is silly scatological physical comedy often personal or at least performed as personal stuff. Silverman’s story is equal parts memoir and st Attention pervos: Sure, it was interesting, but I’d hoped for more funny.

Girls were getting tits and periods, and I had seemingly plateaued, elementary-sized. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. I like forming opinions about people completely around how they act in front of a crowd, without having to consider the possibilities of nuance and “acting” for “money,” and I don’t enjoy having those presumptions challenged and proven to be wrong.


Sarah Silverman: The Bedwetter | Book review | Culture | The Guardian

Not to mention becoming beautiful, apparently well-adjusted She’s funny; I liked her. May 07, Jae rated it liked it.

Free with Audible trial. Just the admission to bedwetting, as a constant flaw in her heroic comedian’s armor, silferman an endearing trait. I had fun learning more about Sarah and I hope she’ll write a follow-up book or at least perform stand-up comedy in a town near me.

Going to a friend’s house for a sleepover made her panic.

Family tragedy — the accidental death of a baby brother, her parents’ divorce — is mentioned only as an aside, its impact bedwetter by retrospective wisecracking: Of course this book will offend some people. Ironically, I was this girl in high school through whom everyone came to learn about sex, though I, myself, had never gone past kissing a boy. Topics Sarah Silverman The Observer. May 26, Matthew rated it liked it.

And I was plowing through it like a horse that had been slapped on the behind one too many times. I supposed maybe someday this nightmare would end, but even so, you’re always an alcoholic, right? It fed this tyrant dilverman me that just wanted more more more, push push push.