Bartoleme de Las Casas, Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies. (). The Indies were discovered in the year one thousand four hundred and. Bartolome de Las Casas’ The Devastation of the Indies: A brief Account and the context of. Spanish colonisation reveal that the colonisers were repressive and. THE DEVASTATION. OF THE INDIES: A BRIEF ACCOUNT by Bartolomé de Las Casas. T. THE INDIES’ were discovered in the year one thou- sand four.

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It is a very hard thing, if not battolome impossible, to react all the murders and cruelties there committed; besides that, it would cloy the reader. For more on his life, see Bill Donovan’s introduction to a printed version of “Devastation,” published by Johns Hopkins University Press. They lie upon mats, only those who have larger fortunes, lye upon a kind of net which is tied at the four corners, and so fasten’d to the roof, which the Indians in their natural language call Hamecks.

We can estimate very surely and truthfully that in the forty years that have passed, with the infernal actions of the Christians, there have been unjustly slain more than twelve million men, women, and children. And as for their Children, because they could not carry them, they were forc’d to throw them away, by which a number of Infants were destroyed. This we are sure of, that at the beginning he carried himself very cruelly; and if he be alive, most assuredly he hath destroy’d an infinite number of people; for he among all those who have done most mischief in ruining both Provinces and Kingdoms, is famous for his Savage fury; wherefore I am apt to believe that God hath put the same end to his life, as to the others.

He became an influential figure at court and at the Council of the Indies. Las Casas and a group of farm labourers departed for America in December But when the Spaniards would not depart from thence, although the Viceroy used all his endeavors to recall them; he declared them Traitors and guilty of high Treason; and moreover, when the persevered in their tyranny and oppression, the religious persons seeing, that though revenge came late, that yet they would not go unpunished, and fearing left that revenge might fall upon their own heads, and besides not being able to preach the Gospel in quiet, by reason of the incursions of the Spaniards, resolv’d to leave the Kingdome, which now remains destitute of all knowledge, the souls of these poor Indians remaining in their past miseries of ignorance and Heathenism, all the streams of divine knowledge being taken from them, by these cursed Spaniards, as when water is taken from the young plants; for at the time when they went away, the Indians were very covetous after the knowledge of our Religion.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies – Wikipedia

Native kings are promised peace, then slaughtered. This Tyrant out of the Province of Panucon, went to Methuaca Xalisco, which were Countries fruitful both in men and money, and no small glory of the Indian Nation, having Cities that were in length above seven miles. Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Many cruelties, and indeed innumerable which were never before heard of, I doe omit, only I shall add this one.

Having committed so many detestable slaughters upon the Indians in Mexico, and other places distant laa, fifteen and twenty miles from thence, this tyrannical plague proceeded to infest and depopulate the City of Panuco. John, having sold at the least a million of men; neither they yet forebear in this year Devaetation this intolerable labor, or rather diabolical exercise, they have consumed all the Lucayans, for their particular gain; out of every Indians labour gaining above fifty or a hundred Crowns.


A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies. American Civil War, four-year war —65 between the United States and 11 Southern states that seceded…. But what recompense can be made for the destroying of so many souls, which through the cruelty and tyranny of so many blood-sucking Tyrants are now tormented in hell?

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. This is a wellknown and proven fact which even the tyrant Governors, themselves killers, know and admit.

Unto these two heads all the other several torments and inhumanities which they used to the ruin of bbartolome poor Nations may be reduced. He divided and separated families, taking women from their husbands, daughters from their parents, which he gave to the Seamen and Soldiers. Of the Ths of the Country of Florida Into these Countries there went two several Tyrants at several times, from the year Women with childe, without any consideration of their weakness, they oppressed with tedious labors and hunger, that they dy’d by the way.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies

Perhaps the first person in America to receive holy ordershe was ordained a priest in either or Another Kingdom was called Marien, where there is a port at one end of the plain that looks toward the North, being larger and more fertile then the Kingdom of Portugal, and which very well deserves to be better peopled; for it abounds with Mountains wherein are great store of Gold Mines.

There might have been erected by the Spaniards many brave and large Cities where they might have liv’d as in a Paradise, had they not rendered themselves totally unworthy of any such benefits through their own enormities and impieties. But not long after the Spaniards returned with greater force upon the Noble man and having routed him, made slaves of all his people. But for all that their chief Lord and Governor carried in a Litter ee forth to meet him with Drums and Trumpets, and great joy; attended by many of the Nobles of the City of Utlacan the greatest Mart Town of that Kingdome, where they gave him provisions in abundance, with all that he could desire.

Afterwards they divide them like sheep, separating sons from fathers, wives from their husbands; and then making up a company of ten or twenty, those that set out fasas ships, and fitted them with necessaries, presently cast lots rhe their shares.

In addition to studying the juridical problems of the Indies, he began to work out a plan for their peaceful colonization by recruiting farmers as colonists.

Bartolomé de Las Casas

But at length being taken, for no other reason, inndies because he fled from those that sought his life, and defended himself that he might not be tormented to death, he was by the Spaniards burnt alive. And thus they have deprived the Indians of their lives and souls, for the millions I mentioned have died without the Faith and without the benefit of the sacraments. In this Kingdom of Jalisco they consumed by fire six thousand villages, upon which the Indians growing desperate, seeing the remainder of those that escaped daily destroyed; they made an insurrection against the Spaniards, and killing some of them, as they well deserved, they betook themselves again to the Mountains.


Coming to the entry invies the City, there stood the King himself with all his attendants, who being carried in a golden Litter accompanied them to the Palace which was prepared for them. History of Political Thought. There was a wonderful frequency of people in that Country, neither were the slaughters that were there committed, less remarkable.

In this Kingdome, or else in some province of new Spain, it happened that a Spaniard being a hunting, his dogs seemed to him to be a hungry, whereupon he took a little Infant out of the mothers arms, and cutting off the thighs and arms of the Childe, cast it to his dogs, and when they had devoured those, he cast the vasas body to them. And this I dare affirm, that the enormities committed by there two Captains, and by him especially that was sent to Guatemala for the other dyed an evil death in good time are enough to fill a particular volume, so many were the slaughters, violences, injuries, butcheries, and beastly desolations which they perpetrated, as do not only amaze the present, but must of necessity strike a horror into future ages: Contact our editors with your feedback.

Martha, where they found devastatioj Indians in their houses and Cities very peaceably employed about their occasions, where they liv’d a good while at the charges of the inhabitants, the Indians serving them like men in whose power their lives and safeties were, enduring beyond imagination their continual importunities and daily oppressions, which were almost intolerable.

The Devastation of the Indies

All the potent men of that Region, with the Priests who brought along with them their chief Priest also, came to meet the Spaniards; and that their reception and entertainment might be the more honorable, they agreed to entertain the Spaniards in the houses xasas the greatest Noble men; but here the Spaniards consulted how to begin their massacres, or as they call’d them, chastisements of the people, that they might keep in awe every corner of the Country with the terror of tye cruelties.

The rest of the Nobles of these Provinces, seeing that all the chiefest of them, who had the power and government of the Kingdome in their hands, were for no cause put to death, but because they were not able to bartokome them gold, fled to the mountains for safety, charging their subjects to submit themselves to the Spaniards, but not to tell them where their sculking places were, nor to give them notice of their flight.

The rigorous enforcement of his regulations led to vehement opposition on the part of the Spanish faithful during Lent of and forced Las Casas to establish a council of bishops to assist him cwsas his task. These were the torments wherewith they murdered not only the common People, but the Barholome and Lords of those Nations.

And if any of them went about to fly, they were in the place immediately cut in pieces; some few that escaped, part wounded, and part whole, joining themselves with those who stood without, being about two hundred in number, with bows and arrows retreated to another house, who being all at one end stoutly casaa the entry of the house, the Spaniards set fire to the other end, and so they all there perished by fire.