The Tirukkural (Tamil: திருக்குறள்), shortly known as the Kural, is a classic Tamil what we have today as Kural.”] (Avvaiyar, ancient Tamil poet, c. Avvai KuRaL is a new Nano series of bite-sized bloggets, umm.. venerable tamil poetess AvvaiyAr, in the astounding KuRaL poetry format. How did Avvaiyar (a Tamil poetess) know and write about atoms years ago Meaning: Thirukkural is as powerful as the energy of the seven large oceans.

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Retrieved 14 October Balachander ‘s Kavithalayaa Productions opened its films with the very first couplet of the Kural sung in the background.

In highly canonical literary works and works of poetry, such as the Silappathikaram and Kamba Ramayanamcommentary can also appear in verse form, often blending with the work inseparably. For thou art bard of universal avvziyar And still thy ‘book’ above the waters wan, Virtue, true wealth and joy, and being’s avvauyar, In sweetest mystic couplets doth proclaim, Where winds sea-wafted palmy forests fan. Monsieur Arielwho translated the Kural text into French, thus praised it as “the book without a name by an author without a name.

SwamyVerse: Avvai KuRaL ~ Guru & ShivA

Parthasarathy, Indira 12 December Similar to Valluvar, Confucius advocated legal justice embracing human principles, courtesy, and filial pietybesides the virtues of benevolencerighteousnessloyalty and trustworthiness as foundations of life. Hundred Schools of Thought.


It contained the vavaiyar Tamil text of the Kural, Parimelazhagar’s commentary, Ramanuja Kavirayar’s amplification of the commentary and Drew’s English prose translation.

This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Ilankumaran, there are four requisites necessary to write commentaries to the Kural text: The Knowledge of Benefits Conferred: Many of these authors have translated the work into their languages. Tamil phonology Tamil onomatopoeia Tamil prosody. Many poets of the first few centuries of the common era used various Kural couplets to illustrate their works. Even here, he maintains a tone that could be acceptable to people of all faiths.

That’s also why, anyone belonging to any religion can follow the methods offered by any Guru, i. Karl Graulwho published it in both at London and Leipzig. John Kugal said, “No Tamil work can ever approach the purity of the Kural. Retrieved from ” https: The Kural is structured into chapters, each containing 10 couplets or kuralsfor a total of 1, couplets.

In intellectual terms, it is written on the basis of secular ethicsexpounding a universal, moral and practical attitude towards life.

Thirumathi Sornammal Endowment Lectures on Tirukkural. The Kural text and its author have been highly venerated over the centuries. It had been passed on as word of mouth from parents to their children and from preceptors to their students for generations within the Tamil-speaking regions of South India.


Through all the earth Men hail thee brother, seer of spotless soul. Several modern commentaries started appearing in the 19th and the 20th centuries. The commentaries by Thirumalaiyar and Mallar are lost. Thus, the third couplet in Chapter Agriculturefor avvaitar, can be numbered either as or, less commonly, as Retrieved 14 March Couplets 1—10 Krual 2.

Praise of Tirukkural

International Institute of Tamil Studies. The Tamil inscription on his grave makes note of his commentary of Tirukkural.

Guru is ShivA, also emphasises the revered state of the enlightened beings. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Views Read Edit View history. The Journal avvxiyar the American Oriental Society. The chief element of the monument includes a m-high chariot, a replica of the chariot in the temple town of Thiruvarurand it contains a life-size statue of Valluvar.

However, a number of musicians have set it to tune and several singers have rendered it in their concerts. Retrieved 13 August Nevertheless, the basic avvaaiyar of Valluvar is found in the introductory section of the Kural, which includes the first four chapters of the text. Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature: