An SMLT/SLT is Avaya’s proprietary equivalent to Cisco’s Virtual PortChannel feature. When do you use one over the other, SMLT or SLT?. It was recently pointed out to me that I had never written a post documenting how to configure SMLT to a edge/closet switch. While there are. Multi-link trunking (MLT) is a link aggregation port trunking technology developed at Nortel in . SMLT is supported within the following Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) and Virtual Services Platform (VSP) Product Families: ERS

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This produces server to switch or switch to switch connections that are up to 8 times faster. Link aggregation or MLT allows multiple physical network links between two network switches and another device which could be another switch or a network device such as a server to be treated as a single logical link and load balance the traffic across all available links.

If only one end is split, the topology is referred to as an SMLT triangle. Note – These features should never be enabled on the uplinks MLT, in this case ports 1, 2, 3, and 4 from the edge to the core: Commons category link is on Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata using P Articles containing video clips. ERS config -if vlacp port 1,2,3,4 enable. Thanks for any insight. Multi-link trunking MLT is a link aggregation port trunking technology developed at Nortel in To include ports as trunk group members of an MLT, you must statically configure the ports.


Multi-link trunking

The layer 3 configuration of the core is next. Hi, you are correct. Previous Post Why two addresses? That way, it will default to L2 address for hashing.

VLACP is an important feature that can disable links to protect against a situation where a switch might have link connectivity but cannot pass traffic due to switch lockups. Accept cookies Cookie settings. Take the following scenario with SMLT: R-SMLT takes care of packet forwarding in core router failures and works with any of the following protocol types: Look up MLT in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

This is just one of many defense mechanisms available to help protect your network. Retrieved 2 Sep Smly are currently installing a new datacenter and needed to aggregate the link black fiber between our two sites.

Avaya Split MultiLink Trunking (SMLT) Layer 2 Trunking

Distributed multi-link trunking DMLT or distributed MLT is a proprietary computer smlg protocol designed by Nortel Networksand now owned by extreme networks[7] used to load balance the network traffic across connections and also across multiple switches or modules in a chassis. What should the algorithm and distribution-mode be? The commands learned today can be easily adapted to cover a stack instead of a single unit, simply by prefacing the port numbers with the unit smllt i.


CP-Limit will shutdown the link to try and protect the core network. A loop would result, however, with this feature all frames from the edge switch will be discarded until the switch is reconfigured.

Our ports that will become SMLT links to the edge switch are tagged The edge switch should be setup as an MLT. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The basic configuration of the core is done!

Multi-link trunking – Wikipedia

ERS config -if exit. If you need LACP, just add that keyword at the end.

Why would a virtual machine route its traffic via one of the Core switches instead of the other? Send Back to overview. The Rx thresholds are staggered between the two switches, so the primary switch disables its uplinks if a loop occurs.

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