TITLE: The Catalan Atlas. DATE: AUTHOR: Abraham Cresques. DESCRIPTION: This ‘atlas’ was the work of a family of Catalonian Jewish chart. This page contains the translations into English the legends of the Catalan Atlas ( ) as they appear in the different panels of this work attributed to Cresques. En pocas ocasiones un Mapamundi anónimo y sin fecha se ha podido documentar tan ampliamente como el Atlas Catalán que guarda la Biblioteca Nacional.

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Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas: Atlas from the 14th century attributed to Abraham Cresques.

Continue Cancel Send email OK. Maps, in the Harlian conception, are therefore more than simply objective, atlxs graphical representations of space. The Catalan-Aragonese thalassocracy in the Mediterranean was never a unified entity. The most explicit and informative features on the Catalan Atlas that may be indicative of the imperial preoccupations of the Aragonese in the late fourteenth century are the depictions of the strategic and economic elements in the Mediterranean.

Abraham Cresques Maps showing 14th-century history Catalan Atlas. D Marco Polo with a caravan.

This is a featured picture on Wikimedia Commons Featured pictures and is considered one of the finest images. Retrieved from ” https: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This page was last edited on attlas Decemberat Musa is shown holding a gold nugget and wearing a European-style crown.


Atlas Catalan is the most important map of the medieval period in aflas Catalan language drawn and written in The lack of any detailed scholarship pertaining to the Catalan Atlas is particularly striking, especially in light of the fact that it was drawn during the height of Aragonese rule in the Mediterranean. Copyright Office before January 1, The fact atas the Aragonese confederacy was largely held together by commercial and strategic considerations may help to explain why many modern scholars would find the non-political aspects of the Catalan Atlas more useful in understanding the imperial preoccupations of the Crown of Aragon than in attempting to explain the selective use of iconography.

Eastern Europe atlxs from the south. The origin of the portolan chart remains a mystery, but it most likely originates from Arabic nautical charts and southern European coastal maps.

African king from Catalan Atlas The travels of Marco Polo d. Adobe Photoshop CC Windows.

File:1375 Atlas Catalan Abraham Cresques.jpg

This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons. Horizontal resolution 96 dpi Vertical cataln 96 dpi. The Catalan Atlas indicates Aragonese-ruled territory using the gold- and ruby-colored senyera Catalan flag.

First compass rose depicted on a map, detail from the Catalan Atlasattributed to cartographer Abraham Cresques of Majorca. Europe and North Africa.

Permission Reusing this file. Thus, there is a direct relationship between the expansion of cartographic knowledge in Majorca and the maritime colonization and exploration of the Aragonese.


ATLAS CATALБN – Mapamundi de los Cresques – Biblioteca Gonzalo de Berceo

Some maps, such as the Catalan Atlas, while presenting the Aragonese domain as a somewhat unified entity, also contains more practical aspects which were of concern to the Catalans in the late medieval period. There have been a number of works in recent years that have highlighted the close diplomatic relations and cultural exchange between England and Morocco during…. Commons is cstalan freely licensed media file repository.

The town of Tadmekka in northern Mali is widely recognized as one of the first important trading places of the Islamic trans-Saharan trade. Thrower, Maps and Civilization: Bisson, The Medieval Crown of Aragon: Oddly, the senyera is noticeably absent from the Catalan-dominated island of Sardinia, and from the Catalan Duchy of Athens which was, as discussed cahalan, founded by the semi-piratical Catalan Company.

Soon after the conquest of Aragonese conquest of Sicily, a significant event occurred in the East which shook Atlss to its core: Retrieved 26 July