Athletic Shorts has ratings and reviews. Bonnie said: This short story collection serves as my introduction to Chris Crutcher as an author. These six powerful short stories chronicle bits of the lives of characters, major and minor, who have walked the rugged terrain of Chris Crutcher’s earlier w. These six stories from acclaimed author Chris Crutcher are about athletes, but are not simply sports stories. Here he presents characters from some of his be.

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The story revolves around Johnny, 17 at the time, who is something of a wise guy and his father who has unfortunately distanced himself in a way by being crucher demanding and strict with his family.

Athletic Shorts

Oct 23, Lindsey rated it liked it. I’m especially glad to finally read the source material for one of my favorite movies as cyris kid and still to this day, to be honestAngusthough my favorite story of the collection is the sixth and final.

In fact, help is much closer than they think. The short stories in this book are about people and what happened to them before or after the book was written.

His cruutcher struggle is trying to find forgiveness when Neal starts to destroy himself over what happened. However, the journey Angus and us take to get that point hits home. In the first short story, Angus is the main character.

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ATHLETIC SHORTS by Chris Crutcher | Kirkus Reviews

Petey learns you can’t please everyone and that’s OK. Neal is the cause of the death of Lionel’s parents and brother during a boating accident. Well, when his parents remarried, they married someone of the same sex. I always feel like teachers and librarians try to accommodate sport-motivated boys rather than reading motivated with books about sports.

The book shows the troubles that some athletes face, whether it was pressure from their parents to perform or if they were dealing with loss of a close friend. I read the book around or This should be a great draw for drama loving teen readers.

He believes he has no chance with her.

This is a message that young people today still need to hear and that Crutcher is able to offer without being preachy or unrealistic. He wants to do what’s right, chirs has a tug of war with himself on what that is.

Pretty funny too, at least in part. He’s been on his own since then as well. Refresh cfutcher try again. Athletic Shorts is an inspiring fiction book written by Chris Crutcher, and it tells the stories of six different athletes and their personal struggles.

Petey is embarrassed about being beaten by a girl. The person telling the story is Angus. The last story of the book also deals with a young kid who has to deal with homosexuality. These six stories from acclaimed author Chris Crutcher are about athletes, but are not simply sports stories. Anger with a mixture of high school and the future ahead of you is bad cocktail.


Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories by Chris Crutcher

Johnny is waiting for the day he can seek revenge on his father and that day arrives, but will shorrs be as sweet as he thinks? These include embarrassing familie Copy and past your book review in this space: Mar 07, Bonnie rated it really liked it Shelves: They all take place in different places, but they all seem the same.

Essentially Athletic Shorts is a compilation of short stories that span a great variety shofts teen troubles. Wrestling, football, fishing, swimming, and fencing are all sports in this sweaty, tiring book.

For instance, if one of their parents is gay, or if they have lost their parents, or if they are just want or need something to read and they seem less interested in other topics. I really enjoyed Chris Crutcher’s short stories and was glad to know that they came from the characters and situations that he wrote in some of his previous novels.