Grhya-Sutras — ASvalayana, Sankhayana and Kausltaki of Rgveda; Paraskara This is mostly because of the fact that Sanskrit is not learnt by most people and . WE begin our introductory remarks on the literature of the Grihya-sutras with the .. The third Adhyaya of Asvalayana’s Grihya-sutra begins in exactly the same. Asvalayana-Grihyasutra with Narayana’s commentary: Ed. by. V.S.S. Ranade into Ed. by Dr. Umesh Chandra Pandey, Chowkharriba Sanskrit series, Varanasi.

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The following is the text of the Sahkhayana Grhya- Sutra which deals with vivaha samskara: I know you as the unshaken Brahman. Seventh Section When agreement has been announced, the bridegroom offers oblations.

This scholarly work creates a sudden seriousness and sanctity to vivaha samskara through the detailing grhya mantras and the rituals. When the evil influences were thus attacked and driven off “the ground was carefully prepared for the reception of favourable influences.

II The sruva spoon asvalaayana as a vessel. Indra is gratified by both our oblations and praises when he savours the food presented by the offerer of Soma”. Vedangas Six Vedangas asavlayana out of Vedas dealing with different branches of knowledge. Smrti texts sansirit came after Grhya-Sutras brought in many changes to the rituals. He should recite over them the first two verses. It was believed that this form of marriage was accepted by 24 I Vivaha-Samskara in Grhya-Sutras ksatriyas.

Jatakarma, namakarana, niskramana, annapraSana, cudakarma and karnavedha are considered to be childhood samskaras. Be firm with me, O thriving one.

Asvalayana Grhya Sutram

Make this lascivious girl desired by others my wife. The book is now before the world of scholars sanskrif I am sure it will be well received. Where the heroes do not get hurt, Vasu will get hold of others. That are you Goddessthis I am. It is the opinion of many scholars that the eight types of marriage do not zanskrit to the marriage ceremony as such but to the way a bride is acquired by different sections of society. Vivaha – Marriage O Aryama, the god to whom this woman prays with devotion, release her from the bonds of her parents but not from her husband’s.


Vivaha represents the journey of the bride to her husband’s house to become a partner in the stage of grhasthasrama of her husband. I, therefore, decided to collect Grhya-Sutra texts belonging to different branches of the four Vedas and conduct a comparative study of vivaha samskHra, the Hindu marriage ceremony as depicted in the Grhya-Sutras.

Through Prajapati, the highest bull, I pour forth the sperm; conceive a valiant son. May he, God Pusana, loosen her from this and not from that place.

Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in asbalayana them and using very strong boxes. Revathy, Scholar, Guide and Friend cruelly snatched away in the prime of her life Preface The Hindu marriage ceremony is a fascinating blend of elaborate rituals, joyous celebration, colourful dresses, sumptuous feasts, etc.


As for my English translation of the text, I acknowledge that I have derived help from the SBE Series translation of grigya text, adopting at places the same expression and construction. The present edition contains the complete text of this Vrtti.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Or twelve nights, or three nights, or one night. In the interior of kautuka dressing roomhe offers oblations to the wives of gods.

Silently, if desired for the fourth time.

Apastamba Grihya Sutra (Original Sanskrit Text)

They should walk around this stheya water placed to the north-east with their right sides towards it. Sun of the heaven. Here may sacrifice with gifts, here may Pusana sit down.

Give birth to living children, give birth to heroes, be friendly. Narayana wrote a commentary on Sankhayana Grhya-Sutra. He ties her hair with wool from a living animal with the verse: No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted, except brief quotations, in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage or retrieval system, without prior written permission of the copyright holder, indicated above, and the publishers.

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If from a barren ground, they will be poor. Asvalayana is said to have composed Srauta-Sutra in twelve adhyayas, Grhya-Sutra in four adhyayas and the fourth Aranyaka. May Soma of the herbs, Savitrl of impulses, Rudra of cattle, Tvasta of forms, Visnu of mountains, Marut the lord of the hosts sanakrit me.

Tenth Section ynjcjo-Tj huscih cjr srfrJf imi Having made a mark by drawing lines in the north-eastern direction and having sprinkled water and smeared the square or round sthandila with cow dung and having kindled the fire by attrition, he carries the fire sanskrlt it. HiranyakesI Grhya-Sutra has two praSnas under which there are patalas and sections. Some Grhya-Sutras have more than one commentary.

It was a couple that performed religious duties. Again, with the verse, mil pitaram.

Similarly a third time. The extant Grhya Sutras reveal to us a number of sacramental rites, the aim of which is to secure the welfare of the recipient. These are the i Grhya-Sutras of Yajurveda I 93 following: Indische Studien, XV, At deep places in suutra river, “up be your wave”.

I 35 At auspicious places, trees and crossroads he should murmur “let no robbers way lay us”. Loving, bright with genial minds may we see autumns, may we live autumns and may we hear autumns. In the southern part with the words: