Arigo has 31 ratings and 3 reviews. Heikki said: John G. Fuller led an interesting life. As a reporter he became known for his powerful and clear prose t. This is an excerpt from “Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife” by John G Fuller Now, this was a long ass explanation and you might be wondering. But your review of my forthcoming book, Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife by Martin Gardner [NYR, May 16] has gone so far beyond calumny.

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Once this was done, he would ruty each patient into a cubicle where subsequent diagnose and treatment would be administered. A few days later on 11 January he was killed in a car crash. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Arigo–The Surgeon with the Rusty Knife

His reputation soared and spread throughout Brazil after it was alleged that he had removed a cancerous tumor from the lung of a well-known Brazilian senator. Surgeon of the Rusty Knife. Puharich’s studies included tests on the blood from tissue Arigo had removed from patients, in order to ascertain that it did indeed belong to the person who had been operated on.

Thomas rated it liked it Aug 06, When asked for his own explanation of this incredible ability his reply was disarmingly straight forward – ‘I simply listen to a voice in my right ear and repeat whatever it says.

He possessed no medical knowledge whatsoever, worked in unsanitary conditions, and used only his hands, a rusty knife or occasionally a pair of scissors; his only concession to cleanliness was to wipe his knife on his shirt before and after surgery. More incredible perhaps is that Arigo apparently did these operations usually in less than a minute, more often a few seconds, without using sterilised instruments or antiseptics.

On sutgeon occasion, when Arigo was shown a film of himself operating, he fainted.


He wrote thousands of prescriptions which were pharmacologically accurate but in unusual combinations and potency. Heather rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Open Preview See a Surbeon One day he felt that the voice that had been pursuing him took over his body, and he had a vision of a bald man, dressed in a white apron and supervising a team of doctors and nurses in an enormous operating room.

During the brief operation Margues also claimed he saw the scissors moving alone, as if being taken by another hand, and described hearing ‘the sound of metals and tissues being cut. John was also married to a NorthWest flight Attendant who was the researcher mentioned in his book “Ghost of Flight ” His book We Almost Lost Detroit deals with a serious accident at the Fermi nuclear power plant near Detroit.

After taking several x-rays senator Bittencourt ‘s doctor informed him that the tumour had inexplicably disappeared. But sceptics remain unconvinced that an uneducated working man with no knowledge of medicine could perform complex surgery, often on people given up as hopeless by physicians, whilst in some sort of trance state, which resulted in the restoration to health of the patients.

Sources and Further Reading. When Kniff turned to the case of Arigo, the uneducated man who claimed to perform surgery under the tutelage of a Dr Fritz a quite dead entityhe packed a pound of salt before embarking on the trip to the Brazilian jungle. He was to serve seven months of a month prison sentence, though he was allowed to continue treating people while held in jail. Another spectacular case occurred some time in Currently, Rubens Farias Jr, a former Sao Paulo engineer and computer programmer, claims to be the channel for the spirit of Dr.

They waited in line with everybody else and when Sonja’s turn came, before she could say anything, Arigo informed her she had cancer of the liver and that he would perform a quick operation. Fuller personally investigated the sightings and interviewed many of the eyewitnesses, he also claimed to have seen a UFO himself during his investigation.



Jose Arigo – Alleged Psychic Surgeon and Healer – Eye Surgery and Lasik Houston

The account of this miraculous cure is, like the majority in the case of Arigo, anecdotal, so it is impossible now to verify the truth of most of the stories. I will kf course leave it up to you to decide what you think of this. He was kniife to 15 months in prison, but was pardoned by Knite of Brazil Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira. His reporting of the incident is a perfect case example of the professional journalist in action. However, in he was arrested again, this time on charges connected with witchcraft, and given 16 months in jail, despite the fact that the authorities were unable to find anyone to testify against him amongst the hundreds of thousands he had treated by that time.

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Arigo: Surgeon of the Rusty Knife

John Grant Onife, Jr. Beyond this, all is conjecture. C rated it really aeigo it Sep 01, The condition being inoperable, in desperation she, her father and Cruz travelled to see Arigo at his primitive surgery. He lay her down on the newspaper covered floor and made a quick incision, apparently into the girl’s liver, with his penknife.

Arigo’s healings were witnessed by both Brazilian and American doctors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lists with This Book.

However, there is no substantial evidence that he ever healed anyone. To ask other readers questions about Arigoplease sign up.